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We've got many campaigns and committees that you can get involved in!

(We're still setting up some of the campaign pages, please have patience - check out the categories in "News & Opinion" for a sampling.)


If there is an issue you'd like to see here (that falls within our mandate), please let us know – better yet, volunteer to take the lead!

Discussion groups for these issues and more are also available in our Forum, if you'd like to join the conversation.


Accountability at City Hall


Workplace Harassment


Accountability at the BIA


Police Budget


Climate Crisis


Homeless Crisis


Poverty / Food Security


Toxic Drug Crisis

Barrie is facing a deadly toxic drug crisis. People are dying at an alarming rate, but there is a solution.

The Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) is proposing 11/19 Innisfil Street for a life-saving medical service called a Supervised Consumption Site (SCS) in the area where it's needed most - downtown Barrie.  The application was endorsed by Barrie City Council in June, 2021, and now must be approved by the province.

The proposed location will save lives while improving issues that already exist in our community which is already one of the safest places to live in Canada. An SCS will offer much-needed support for people who live and work in the downtown while addressing some of the ongoing challenges in the area.

Downtown Barrie is for everyone to enjoy. Everyone deserves to feel safe in downtown Barrie.

We are asking everyone who has a stake in the downtown - residents, businesses, workers, visitors - everyone - to send a letter to key decision-makers to let them know how important this life-saving service is for our vibrant downtown core.

The budget process for 2022 is already under way at City Council, which means it's already time to start talking about what we want the city's priorities to be next year.  You can see the results of the 2021 public consultation Budget Allocator Tool here, and judge for yourself whether the public's wishes were represented in the 2021 budget.

As you can see, the public overwhelmingly "voted" to decrease police spending last year, and we will be encouraging Council to listen to the public's wishes and concerns this year, about this and many other issues.

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