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Active Transportation and Sustainability Advisory Committee - Tuesday, October 5, 2021, 10am

Updated: Jan 6

🌳🌻 Crompton Park Update

🚴🚶 Cycling and Pedestrian Safety on Huronia Road

🚶🚸 Pedestrian Crossovers - Mapleview Drive and Bell Farm Road

🧭🏖 Waterfront Wayfinding Project

👟🚲 Federal Active Transportation Fund

🚲 Separated Cycling Lanes on the Anne Street Bridge

🚲 Separated Cycling Lanes on the St. Vincent Street Bridge

🚸 Funding to push up the Coulter Street Pedestrian Cycling Crossing over Highway 400 to 3-5 years

🚲🖌 Line Painting Sizing for Cycling Lanes

  • 100mm vs 200mm

🪧🔎 City-Wide Wayfinding Signage Strategy

  • Potential for QR Codes to promote Active Transportation

🗺👟 Creation of Active Transportation Map



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