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AGM Wrap-Up – Welcome Suzanna! Welcome back James!

Updated: Mar 30

Engage Barrie Organization held our second Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 5, 2023

There was much to report on for our 2022-23 fiscal year, as it was a provincial AND municipal election year, on top of our usual activities. Members and friends alike can view a summary in our Annual Report:

With Board Directors Anita Johnson-Ford and James Kerekes completing their terms, elections were held to fill their two vacant positions. We are thrilled to welcome Suzanna McCarthy as a new Director, and to welcome James back for a second term!

Suzanna has been a Contributing Member for a couple of years, helping us out considerably with issues around homelessness and poverty, and being a valued member of our Elections Committee -- at least until our "If You Don't Run, Who Wins?" campaign convinced her to run for School Trustee and we had to "fire" her! James joined us in early 2022, quickly becoming a "mover and shaker" in our Elections Committee as well, before dipping his toe in the governance waters by being elected to a one-year term. Apparently we didn't scare him off, because he's back for two more! James is great at working with data and tech, and a big fan of in-person meetings at local breweries. (Also, he's bad at responding to a request for photos, so we had to steal this from his social media!)

Suzanna and James will be joining the three continuing Directors -- Rob Romanek, Victoria Scott, and Alyssa Wright -- as EBO's Board. We'll be holding our first Members Meeting in January, but will have to confirm the date -- we're looking at switching to the 4th Thursday of alternating months, but still need to solidify those plans.

As always, you can send a message to all five members of the Board by addressing email to board [at] engagebarrie [dot] org.

We're looking forward to serving all our members in 2023-24!



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