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CAEH Statement on proposed Bylaw Amendment (plus ACTION request)

Updated: May 17

For the CAEH's full statement, please visit their website at – and please use their online tool to contact Council.


The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness is deeply concerned by a proposed by-law amendment being considered by Barrie City Council that would prevent support being provided to people experiencing homelessness within the city.

“This by-law is a clear-cut violation of basic human rights and a shocking criminalization of people experiencing homelessness”


“This is an assault on basic human decency, it hurts people who are already suffering and will make the life-threatening experience of homelessness that much more dangerous.”


Today, CAEH launched an online tool in support of the Simcoe County Alliance to End Homelessness (SCATEH) that allows members of the public to contact city councillors and let them know that they do not support this by-law. The tool can be used at


We are grateful to the CAEH for providing this statement, and this tool – your voice matters!

Again, for the CAEH's full statement (the above is highly abridged), please visit their website at – and extend a thank-you for helping to raise awareness of these troublesome bylaw amendments, and the May 17 motion, in general.



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