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Sign the UserVoice: Cancel Canada Day - No pride in Genocide

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

This petition has been submitted to the Barrie UserVoice by one of our Contributing Members, and supported by the Engage team. Please consider signing!

(For those new to UserVoice, each person has a total of 10 votes, you can assign up to 3 to any one petition. If a petition gets 500 votes, the issue will be brought to City Council. So we need to get at least 500 votes before Monday, which is the last time Council meets before July 1.)

Barrie City Council should follow the lead of at least 14 other municipalities in 6 provinces and territories: cancel 'Canada Day' and work with local Indigenous peoples to find alternatives this year and in years to come.

Vote here on the Barrie UserVoice: 500 votes guarantees this comes to council.

Graphic by Idle No More


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