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City Building Committee – Tuesday, May 3, 2022, 6pm

Updated: Jan 6

A presentation about Barrie becoming designated "Bird Friendly", additions to the Municipal Heritage Register, and replacing the roof on a Designated Heritage Building.


ON LEAVE: Lehman

🦉🦆 Nature Barrie - Bird Friendly Designation

  • Presentation

  • RECOMMENDATION: That Council support the efforts of Nature Barrie to apply to Nature Canada on the City's behalf to become certified as a Bird Friendly City. Once certified, direct staff to explore partnership opportunities with Nature Barrie in an effort to communicate and celebrate the City's status as a Bird Friendly City.

  • APPROVED unanimously

📃🏰 Heritage Barrie Committee

📑🏰 Municipal Heritage Register

  • APPROVED unanimously

  • Add the following to the Municipal Heritage Register as listed properties:

  • 101 Cumberland Street

  • 11 Rodney Street

🚧🏛 Amend Application to Alter Designated Heritage Building – Armoury Building, 36 Mulcaster

  • APPROVED unanimously

  • Consent to a roof replacement with Enviroshake or Enviroshingle

🎭🎨 Arts Advisory Committee

🌼🌻 Communities In Bloom Committee



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