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City Council – Monday, March 28, 2022, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

A cheque presentation by the Barrie Pickleball Club, a deputation regarding the grant to Cornerstone, the semi-annual update from the Anti-Racism Task Force, and all the items from last week's General Committee – a busy night!

📜📜 Confirmation of the Minutes

🥒🎾 Cheque Presentation by the Barrie Pickleball Club

🗣🎙 Deputations

🧑‍⚕️💰 Cornerstone Grant

💸📑 Tax Applications

📝🏘 Planning Committee Report

Section A

  • CARRIED unanimously

🏘🏢 Zoning Bylaw Amendment - 620 Lockhart Road (Ward 9)

Section B

  • CARRIED unanimously

🗣🏘 Public Meeting – 750 Mapleview Drive East (Ward 10)

🗣🏘 Public Meeting – 157 Ardagh Road (Ward 6)

📝📄 General Committee Report

Section A

  • CARRIED unanimously

💰📊 Finance and Corporate Services Committee

🌇🌃 City Building Committee

Section B

  • CARRIED unanimously

🎨🗿 Public Art Program – 2022 Temporary Project and Maintenance Budget Allocation

  • Report to Committee:

  • Approve up to $25,000 for temporary public art installations in 2022, funded from the Public Art Reserve

  • Approve up to $10,000 for maintaining the permanent works of art within the Public Art Inventory, also funded from the Public Art Reserve

  • Increase the number of Citizen representatives on the Barrie Public Art Committee to 10

  • Appoint the following to the Barrie Public Art Committee for the duration of the current Council Term (i.e., until November): Andrea Araujo, Sharon Bagot, Emily Emond, Jenn Guerin, Craig Handy, Sarah Jensen, Laura Kelly

🥒🎾 Investigation to Construct Professional Grade Pickleball Courts at Painswick Park (Ward 9)

  • Staff Report:

  • To approve "Concept A" to add 8 dedicated pickleball courts with lighting, remove the existing soccer field, relocate the existing ball diamond, expand the existing parking area, and add new accessible pathways with lighting in Painswick Park

  • Authorize Development Services to proceed with the procurement process, to get started in the 2nd quarter of 2022

  • Development Services to host a Public Information Centre to seek public feedback on the preliminary design prior to any work proceeding

  • Transfer the existing budget of $650,000 for Pickelball Courts to Painswick Park Rehabilitation, and use the $1,260,000 already approved for Park Rehabilitation for construction of the proposed facility and associated park renewal

  • Operations Department to include $25,480 in the 2024 operating budget to offset the increased maintenance expenses

💰⚖️ Facilities Planning and Development 2022 Capital Funding

🫀🩺 Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Program Agreement with the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre

🚫🅿️ Parking Restrictions – Tomlin Court

  • No parking restrictions from 9pm to 9am daily at Dixon Court, Tomlin Court and MacMillan Crescent between Yonge Street and Brunton Cresc.

  • Legislative and Court Services to report back in one year

Section C

  • CARRIED unanimously

💡💨 Community Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

Section D

  • CARRIED unanimously

💡💨 Community Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Plan

Section E

  • CARRIED unanimously

🏖🅿️ Waterfront Parking Permit Update

  • Staff Report:

  • Make a digital Waterfront Parking Permit available through the HotSpot app and website

  • Issued on a per-vehicle basis

  • No limit to the number of permits issued per municipal address

  • Costs to remain the same as the current hangtags, except Barrie residents won't be charged $20 for third and subsequent permits

  • Resident permit will be valid for 2 calendar years

  • Existing resident waterfront hangtags will now expire December 31, 2023, and staff will transition away from issuing new hangtags ahead of the summer of 2022

  • Staff will be given authority to issue permits in exceptional scenarios, and implement minor, cost-neutral program adjustments to provide enhanced customer service

  • Traffic and Parking Services Department will investigate ways to prevent long-term parking by nearby residents in waterfront lots and streets and report back to Finance and Corporate Services Committee

💉🗑 Needle Collection Kiosks and Public Access Naloxone Kits Pilot Programs Update

👧👦 Establishing a Youth Council

  • Ask Legislative & Court Services Department to include the requirements for establishing a Youth Council to be considered by the 2022-26 Council as part of its Council Committee appointments

    • include a mandate of providing feedback on social, environmental, and municipal issues that affect youth in our community

Section F

☕️❤️ Ryan's Hope Breakfast To Go Program

  • Allow Ryan's Hope to operate its Breakfast To Go program from the Heritage Park Gazebo, 7:45am to 10am daily, for a one year trial period

    • Ryan's Hope to be responsible for resulting garbage, etc.

    • Ryan's Hope to provide insurance, naming the City as an additional insured

    • Another location will be used on dates of community functions where the Gazebo is booked for other events

  • AMENDMENT by N.Harris/J.Harris:

    • To withdraw the motion

    • Amendment CARRIED unanimously

  • MOTION, as amended, CARRIED unanimously (i.e., motion withdrawn)

Section G

🏥🧑‍⚕️ Cornerstone Grant

  • Provide Cornerstone a $158,263 grant, representing the Development Charge fees paid for the proposed facility, funded from the Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve, Water Stabilization Reserve, and Wastewater Stabilization Reserve

  • Send correspondence to the school boards, asking them to consider waiving or rebating Development Charge fees for the facility

  • Item was LOST

  • AMENDMENT by N.Harris/Morales:

    • To reintroduce the motion

    • Corrected by City Clerk / Lehman – cannot be reintroduced to Council, must be referred back to General Committee in order to be reintroduced

  • REVISED AMENDMENT by N.Harris/J.Harris:

    • To refer the motion to a future General Committee meeting

    • Amendment CARRIED (FOR: Aylwin, Kungl, Ward, N.Harris, Harvey, J.Harris, Morales; AGAINST: Riepma, Thomson, McCann, Lehman – please note, this vote was difficult to see on the video, we know it passed 7-4, but if you note an error, please advise!)

  • MOTION, as amended, CARRIED (FOR: Aylwin, Kungl, Ward, N.Harris, Harvey, J.Harris, Morales; AGAINST: Riepma, Thomson, McCann)– again, impossible to properly view the vote, please correct us!)

Section H

  • CARRIED unanimously

🦆🦉 Nature Barrie Bird Friendly Designation

  • Invite Nature Barrie to provide a presentation to City Building Committee concerning a Bird Friendly City designation, including:

    • the benefits of designation

    • what it would take to become designated, including the role and work required by staff, and

    • the benefits of partnering to earn this designation

Section I

🗿🪧 Heart Barrie Landmark Sign

  • Increase the size of the heart in the sign from 8 feet to 10 feet

  • AMENDMENT by Aylwin/Riepma:

    • Refer this motion to a future General Committee Meeting, and that staff provide a memorandum with information in advance of that meeting: a) full costs of terminating the Heart Barrie Sign project; b) full costs incurred to date by the City on behalf of the project; c) a process to return the funds received to date back to the appropriate donors

    • Recorded vote requested by Aylwin

    • Amendment FAILED (FOR: Riepma, Aylwin, Kungl, Lehman; AGAINST: Ward, Thomson, N.Harris, Harvey, J.Harris, Morales, McCann)

  • AMENDMENT by Aylwin/Riepma:

    • Adding: That Councillor McCann provide a list of donors to the Heart Barrie Company to the City, and that staff of Access Barrie publish this list on the City's Heart Barrie Sign webpage

    • Amendment CARRIED (FOR: Riepma, Aylwin, Ward, Thomson, N.Harris, Harvey, J.Harris, Morales, McCann; AGAINST: Kungl)

  • MOTION, as amended, CARRIED (FOR: Kungl, Ward, Thomson, N.Harris, Harvey, J.Harris, Morales, McCann; AGAINST: Riepma, Aylwin)

Section J

  • Recorded vote requested by Morales

  • CARRIED unanimously

🏫🚸 School Safety

  • Send a letter to the four local school boards, expressing ongoing concern with safety of students in the areas surrounding schools that don't have off-street drop-off facilities, or do not use the available ones.

  • Ask Development Services to report back on restarting/expanding City programs that can assist in encouraging walking to school (walking school bus, etc.), and the potential to meet with school principals to establish off-street drop–off facilities at City parks and/or other nearby locations, as well as ways to encourage/enforce drop-off at these locations

📝📄 General Committee Report

  • Report from March 28: not yet available

  • Pecuniary Interest declared by McCann

  • CARRIED unanimously, by all voting

🤫✍️ Amended and Restated Alectra Inc. Unanimous Shareholders Agreement

  • Staff Report: not available

  • Confidential commercial and financial information matters – Side Letter associated with the Amended and Restated Alectra Inc. Unanimous Shareholders Agreement

Motion Without Notice

  • Ward / Lehman, re: MARS Municipal Infrastructure Reinvestment Fund

  • UNANIMOUSLY approved to allow the motion to be heard


    • Director of Corporate Facilities be delegated authority to execute an MIIF Project Collaboration Agreement and other documents requisite to the development of the MARS Municipal Infrastructure Investment Fund consistent with MARS City-supported Federation of Canadian Municipalities Program application

    • Staff be authorized to work with MARS, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and other MIIF collaboration partners to further develop the program, consistent with the terms of the collaboration agreement

    • Motion CARRIED, unanimously

🧕🏾👨🏽 Anti-Racism Task Force

📜📜 Bylaws

  • CARRIED unanimously

Bill 018 – Parking Bylaw Amendment

Bill 019 – Deeming Bylaw, 311 King Street

Bill 020 – Part Lot Control Bylaw Exemption, 68-78 Fairlane Avenue & 115-125 Gateland Drive

Bill 021 – Part Lot Control Bylaw Exemption, 16-26 Fairlane & 73-83 Gateland

Bill 022 – Part Lot Control Bylaw Exemption, 1-45 Fairlane Ave.

Bill 023 – Part Lot Control Bylaw Exemption, 49-93 Fairlane Ave.

Bill 024 – Arts Advisory Committee Mandate & Strategic Priorities

Bill 025 - Confirmation Bylaw


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