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Community Safety Committee – Wednesday, October 4, 2023, 6pm

Updated: Jan 5

Automated Speed Enforcement Systems, Short Term Rental Controls, Traffic Controls

Meeting Location: Council Chambers, or electronically

🗣️🏙️ Public Meetings

  • Nil

🎤🙋 Open Delegations

  • Nil

🧑‍🏫📊 Presentations

  • Nil

↪️📥 Referred Items

📸🏁 Automated Speed Enforcement Systems

🏘️🧑‍⚖️ Short Term Rental Controls

  • We are unsure why this item was referred to Community Safety – it seems a much better fit would have been the Affordability Committee

  • Correspondence from Town of Erie, July 26:

  • Fort Erie has resolved to ask the province to establish a regulatory framework requiring digital platforms such as AirBNB and VRBO to require owners using the platforms to comply with municipal planning and licensing regulations, and prevent advertising of properties that aren't registered with the relevant municipality.

  • They are also asking the province to work with municipalities to address situations in which long-term housing stock has been lost to corporate ownership of short-term rental properties.

📝📑 Advisory Committee Reports

🧓♿️ Seniors and Accessibility Advisory Committee

🏘🧑‍🎓 Town and Gown Committee

🧓♿️ Seniors and Accessibility Advisory Committee

🏘🧑‍🎓 Town and Gown Committee

🧓♿️ Seniors and Accessibility Advisory Committee

💡🗣️ Items of Discussion

🛑🚶 Investigation: All-Way Stop or other Pedestrian Safety Measures – Codrington & Rodney

🚫🅿️ Investigation: No Parking Anytime – Sydenham Wells and Penetanguishene Road

🚦🚦 Investigation: Installing a Stoplight – Johnson Street and Grove Street

🚸🚶 Investigation: Controlled Pedestrian Crossing Livingstone Street West and Longman Drive

🚫🏎️ Speed Reduction on Lakeshore

⏳🅿️ Investigation: Two Hour Parking Limit – Davidson Street

🚫🅿️ Investigation: No Parking – Downing Crescent

🚫🅿️ Traffic Bylaw Amendment: No Parking Anytime on Quance Street

🛑✋ Investigation for 3-Way Stop – Anne St. N. & Hanmer St. W.



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