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Council Compensation Review Committee – Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 2pm

Updated: Jan 6

Rescheduled from last week.

Minutes: not yet available

🧐📃 Review of Municipal / Council Compensation Survey Results

  • Committee asked for update on meeting between city staff and the consultants re: option for changes/additions to the benefits package – Dewolfsmith has a scheduled meeting with the consultant and will provide an update at the next meeting

  • Committee reviewed information gathered to date and discussed survey results

  • Barrie is the only city where the full-time Mayor is not part of the OMERS plan – asked for information re: cost to enrol Mayor & Council Members in OMERS

📋📑 Review of Item Matters Addressed for Final Report

  • Clarification on process for appointment of Councillors to each committee and requirements around attendance – policy re: unexplained absenteeism of 3 meetings or more that could result in removal of a Councillor from a committee.

  • Fees collected from external boards and committees being split between Councillors and the City – considered having a system based on attendance, but decided it would be problematic. Agreed to recommend the fees collected would be split half to the City and the remaining half to be evenly distributed at the end of the year to the Councillors

  • Clarification regarding appointment of Deputy Mayor and criteria required for that position – suggested a defined job description that clearly outlines the criteria necessary to be considered



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