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Council Follow-up, week of September 12, 2022

Updated: Jan 6

Back from summer break!

(Of note to Engagers: staff memo re: updated 2021 Affordable Housing Monitoring Report, and correspondence re: Bill 3, the "Strong Mayors, Building Homes" Act)

General Committee

Most items passed on consent.

Councillor Thomson held the Development Charges Deferral Request for Owen Street (Ward 2). Staff had recommended to simply receive the staff report, but not approve the request, as it didn't meet the requirements of current legislation. The rationale for this was that the project included some purpose-built units for seniors, looking for a compromise to ensure the project was built in a timely manner – offering deferral of the development charges related only to the purpose-built rental units, excluding the owned units, interest-free for one year and conditional on the developer applying for a building permit within 120 days. There was concern around the table about setting a new precedent, and the implications it might have on future developments – which was exactly staff's concern with their report and recommendation. Also the one-year being interest-free, which is usually only offered to non-profit organizations. In the end, the amendment carried.

The other hold was by Councillor Harvey, regarding the Ontario land Tribunal Appeal on Mapleview Drive – this was held in camera, as it's regarding a confidential litigation matter. When they came back to open meeting, there was a motion by Ward that staff be directed to implement the steps in the report, and that the staff report be made public after council approval. This was carried, with only N.Harris and Harvey opposing (we won't know why for a while).

City Council

This was to only address the "Parkland - Alternative Rates" item from earlier General Committee (as there was a deadline) – the rest of General Committee items will be dealt with at the next City Council meeting.

Planning Committee

Three public meetings, for projects in Ward 8, 1, &3.

Approval (on consent) of a zoning bylaw amendment for 219 Bayfield Street, an official plan and zoning bylaw amendment for 140 Lockhart Road, and the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Grant Approvals Summary from February-April of 2022.

Heritage Barrie Committee



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