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Council Motion re: Workplace Harassment Case

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Tonight's motion

  • passed unanimously (other than McCann, who was not on-screen and not voting)

  • That the following corrective actions be undertaken in response to the workplace investigation identified in staff report HRS-002-20:

    1. The Respondent undertake training relative to workplace violence and harassment, to be funded by the City, and that training be approved by the City's CAO and/or the Director of Human Resource;

    2. That going forward, the Respondent be required to strictly comply with the City Staff's Council Relations Policy, and only make contact with Staff through the appropriate management; and

    3. That the Respondent be requested to issue a written apology to the Complainant if requested, and to Council for the Respondent's conduct.

City's Press Release

Here's the official statement – which is incredibly disappointing. Seems to be more about protecting themselves (and the identity of the respondent) than expressing any remorse towards the victim, or making any hard-and-fast commitment to accountability, just "investigations" and "recommendations".

Seems the same guy keeps getting away with the same old things, and the same people continue to allow it.

Here's to Election 2022.



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