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Downtown Barrie BIA – Thursday, May 25, 2023, 5pm

Updated: Jan 5

Budget vs. Actuals, the outcome of the Team Building Strategy Session, future mural projects, a gift card program, and first aid services at Open Air Dunlop.

Also, ratification of a motion on the Retail Patio Support Program – though it is unclear when this vote took place?

Minutes: not yet available

Meeting Location: Sandbox Centre and Zoom

📜 Adoption of the Minutes & Agenda

  • Adoption of the Minutes from April 27

  • Adoption of today's Agenda

👨‍🏫 Chair's Remarks

  • we'll have to fill this in later – missed this section!

🧑‍💼 Staff Update

  • patio program getting started

  • Planters and hanging baskets going up

  • lighting has been ordered for behind Lakeshore Mews

  • 6 new art installations are up

  • map of upcoming mural projects

💰 Budget vs. Actuals - YTD

  • was not shared with members

👫 BIA Team Building Strategy Session #1 Outcome

  • May 10 WB Strategic Session 1

💡 Items For Discussion

  • Future Mural Projects

  • Miconex Gift Card Program

    • Approved to adopt the program

  • Open Air Dunlop - First Aid Services

    • Approved to hire first aid services for upcoming Open Air Dunlop, as required

🍻 Motion Ratification – Retail Patio Support Program

2023_05_25 BIA Motion #1:


  • To support the retail sector as part of the patio program to cover the 1st year's administration fee to the City of Barrie of $400 per retailer in order to implement a patio on the sidewalk in front of the store. This would make the program free of cost for the retailers. The second year the retailers would cover the costs (admin fee + lease fee) ongoing.


  • Allocation of up to $4000 which would allow 10 retailers to participate. If we get more BIA staff will notify the Board for further approval. This budget will come from the surplus funds.


  • Moved by Director Chris Gerrard

  • Seconded by Vice Chair Steve Ricalis

  • Vote: 7 in favour, Majority Approved

  • Ratified

  • was explained that this is to help stores & restaurants that have opened in the last year, to help them get started in the patio program



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