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General Committee #2 - Monday, May 30, 7pm

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Lots going on tonight, and many issues that Engage Barrie has been working hard on. Including fixing up the governance of the Downtown Barrie BIA to bring it in line with the requirements of the Municipal Act, which has been a big push of ours for the last couple years. And a motion that essentially criminalizes poverty, and directs Barrie Police Services to "eradicate" anyone asking for spare change – please see our more detailed post on this issue at


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💉🚮 Needle Collection Kiosk Pilot Program – Additional Information

  • Held by N.Harris

  • Staff Report:

  • To receive the report

  • Amendment put forward by N.Harris:

  • To approve Alternative 1 of the report: That the pilot program be extended for a further year, utilizing a modified version of the current kiosks, with a total estimated cost of $22,000, to be funded from the Community Benefit Reserve.

  • Amendment CARRIED – we believe unanimously, though the Zoom votes weren't shown (but both Councillors spoke in favour during discussion)

  • Motion, as amended, CARRIED (we believe unanimously, but the same issue as above)

🏙📜 Downtown Barrie Business Association (BIA) Governance Bylaw and Related Documents

  • Approved on consent

  • Staff Report:

  • Downtown Barrie BIA Constitution:

  • Downtown Barrie BIA Bylaws:

  • Authorize the City Clerk to present the draft Governance Bylaw (Appendix A of the Staff Report) to Council for consideration

  • This Governance Bylaw would bring the BIA governance more in line with the requirements of the Municipal Act, as well as clarify the roles and relationships between the BIA and City of Barrie

  • Direct the BIA Board to provide these mandatory governance documents (as per the Municipal Act and the Municipal Elections Act), to include the minimum provisions identified in the staff report, by the end of Q2, 2022 (June):

  • A Procedural Bylaw / Constitution

  • Policies with respect to the sale and other disposition of land, hiring of employees, and procurement of goods and services

  • A Records Retention and Disposition Policy

  • An Election-Related Resources Policy

  • Approve the BIA Constitution and Bylaws

  • Direct the Economic and Creative Development Department to develop an operational Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the BIA and City of Barrie to be presented to General Committee, addressing:

  • Role and services provided by the BIA, in alignment with the Municipal Act

  • the improvement, beautification and maintenance of municipally-owned lands within the BIA boundary not generally provided by the municipality

  • to promote the Business Improvement Area

  • Role and services provided by the City

  • Meridian Place programming, Special Events, and Meridian Place Storage Container

🌳🗺 Heritage Park Master Plan

🏗📊 Capital Project Status Report

🚰🧾 Tenant Water Billing

  • Held by McCann

  • Staff Report:

  • Discontinue the practice of permitting property owners to redirect a property's water and wastewater bill to a residential tenant, effective November 1, 2022

  • "Grandfather" water accounts directed to residential tenants as of October 31, 2022, so that the bills will continue to go to the tenant until the earlier of October 31, 2023 or the existing tenant vacates the property

  • Direct Finance and Access Barrie to develop and implement a communication strategy to advise property owners of the changes

  • Amendment put forward by McCann:

  • To approve Alternative 3 of the Staff Report (which was not recommended, as there would not be adequate staffing, and this alternative would require more resources than the alternative would generate)

  • Part way into this discussion, Morales declared a potential pecuniary interest as a landlord himself, for both the amendment and the motion on the floor. J.Harris then declared the same conflict.

  • Amendment FAILED [FOR: Harvey, McCann; AGAINST: Riepma, Aylwin, Kungl*, Thomson, N.Harris*; ABSTAINED: J.Harris, Morales – *again, not shown on camera, but assumed from discussion]

  • Motion (no amendment) CARRIED unanimously

✍️🧑‍⚖️ Temporary Delegation of Authority to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

  • Approved on consent

  • Staff Report:

  • This motion essentially transfers (temporary) authority to the CAO during the "lame duck" period (the time between municipal election nominations closing and final voting day), as Council is prevented from taking certain actions during the election period.

  • Temporary authority includes:

  • Awarding or accepting contracts (purchase of goods, services, or construction from one or more selected suppliers/contractors) where Section 15 of the Procurement Bylaw would normally apply (subject to satisfaction of Director of Finance / Treasurer)

  • Adjust Capital Project Funding, if the adjustment is in the best interest of the Corporation and necessary for timing (subject to satisfaction of Director of Finance / Treasurer)

  • Authorize extensions in the period to start construction for a maximum of two years, for lands purchased from the City (subject to satisfaction of Director of Business Development and Director of Legal Services), under certain conditions

  • Waiving a right of repurchase for a property and removing any restrictions on title (subject to the satisfaction of the Director of Legal Services and Director of Business Development), under cirtain circumstances

  • Provide direction in regard to the conduct of litigation or potential litigation, including settlement if fair and reasonable and in best interest of the Corporation (in consultation with the appropriate General Manager and the Director of Legal Services)

  • Approve of negotiated agreements of purchase and sale or expropriation settlements (subject to satisfaction of Director of Legal Services) resulting from previous Council Direction that declared the property surplus or directed staff to acquire the property

  • Consider the report of an inquiry officer and approve or not approve a proposed expropriate or approve it with modifications

🚫🅿️ Parking Restrictions on Geddes Crescent

  • Approved on consent

  • Sponsor: Ward

  • Direct Development Services to investigate the feasibility of implementing parking restrictions on Geddes Crescent, especially around the bend on the north end, and report back to General Committee