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General Committee, Monday, November 15, 2021, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

Pedestrian and bike lanes on the Sunnidale Road Overpass, the Barrie Arts and Culture Investment Program, assisting those affected by this year's tornado, and more!

Watch Online: (direct link not created yet)

🛣🚴 Sunnidale Road Overpass (Wards 2 and 4)

🎭🎨 Barrie Arts and Culture Investment Program

  • Staff Report:

  • 2022 Program – Implementation of Recommendations - Cultural Grant Program Review

  • Approve the new Arts and Cultural Investment Program Guidelines for the 2022 Program year (replacing the existing Cultural Grant Program)

  • Move $80,000 from the Reinvestment Reserve to the 2022 Operating Budget in the Economic and Creative Development Department for the Arts and Cultural Investment Program, for one-time pandemic recovery assistance

💨🌪 Hurricane Straps and Financial Assistance to Homeowners Affected by the 2021 Barrie Tornado

🤫👤 Confidential: Appointments to Active Transportation and Sustainability Advisory Committee

🏭♲ Holland Marsh Polder Phosphorus Recycling Facility

  • Sponsor: Morales

  • To express support for York Region's capital project, Holland Marsh Polder Phosphorus Recycling Facility

🚫🅿️ No Parking Anytime on Golfdale Road (Ward 4)

  • Sponsor: Ward

  • Ask staff to investigate feasibility of implementing "No Parking Anytime" on Golfdale Road between Coulter St. & Glenwood Drive.



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