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General Committee (Part 2) – Monday, Jan.24, 2022, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

Featuring a presentation from the Performing Arts Centre Task Force.

ABSENT: Aylwin

🎭🎻 Performing Arts Centre Task Force Update

🎭🎻 Performing Arts Centre Task Force

  • CARRIED unanimously

  • Sponsor: J.Harris, on behalf of the Performing Arts Centre Task Force

  • Supporting Documentation:

  • Performing Arts Centre Task Force – Final Report:

  • Receive the recommendations of the Task Force

  • Hire a professional firm with expertise in municipal theatres development, design and management to review the Task Force's recommendations and report back to General Committee detailing the firm's recommendations, including:

    • Project timelines

    • Resource requests

    • Project design scope

  • Once the firm's recommendations re: project scope are circulated to City Council, staff:

    • hire an architect to complete a concept plan and cost estimate for a performing arts centre

    • report back to General Committee once concept plan is complete, including:

      • implementation plan with timelines for construction

      • recommendations for a fundraising program, and associated resourcing and timelines

      • preliminary operating plan that identifies resource requirements

      • proposed budget, Capital Budget implications and annual operating budget costing

🙏🏘 Request to Province for Community Reintegration Officers for Central North Correctional Centre

  • CARRIED on consent

  • Sponsor: Ward

  • News Release re: Ontario hiring 25 Community Reintegration Officers:

  • That a letter be sent to the Solicitor General of Ontario requesting that Community Reintegration Officers be provided for the Central North Correctional Centre, to improve individuals' transitions from custody to neighbouring communities, facilitate linkages to support services, and reduce pressure on the Barrie area sheltering and outreach system.



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