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General Committee – Wednesday, February 1, 2023, 6pm

Updated: Jan 5

This meeting starts at 6pm OR IMMEDIATELY following the Infrastructure and Community Investment Committee.

Please note that this meeting will stop at 7pm for the scheduled City Council meeting – if required, General Committee will resume after City Council is complete (after City Council, if required not required)

All members of Council present

Staff Reports

🤐📜 Confidential Instructions to be Applied to Negotiations – Inter-Municipal Relationships

  • APPROVED on consent

  • This item will be discussed in camera (not open to the public)

🏘️🏢 Bill 23 Municipal Housing Pledge

  • HELD by Kungl (at Nuttall's request)

  • Staff Report:

  • Recommending to endorse the Municipal Housing Pledge and submit it to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing prior to March 1, and that staff in Development Services report back to Council on a semi-annual basis on the progress towards the pledge.

  • The pledge sets Barrie's municipal housing target at 23,000 units by 2031

  • Nuttall had held for discussion only. Wanted to emphasize that 1) the city wasn't really being given a choice, and 2) the only commitment the city could offer was for permitting – the city doesn't build housing

  • Motion CARRIED [FOR: Riepma, Nixon, Kungl, Thomson, Nigussie, Harvey, Harris, Morales, Hamilton; AGAINST: Courser]

Meeting concluded on time, no need for carry-over after City Council.



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