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Heritage Barrie Committee – Wednesday, October 5, 2022, 6:30pm

Updated: Jan 6

Watch Again: not available

🛣🪧 Heritage Street Signs

🪧📜 Heritage Plaques

🎉🥳 Promoting Heritage

🎥 Use of Videographer

📷 Images for Display Boards

🏆🏅 Heritage Barrie Awards

🙋 2022 Nominations

🛠 Revamping Award Program

🗺 Heritage Conservation Districts

  • RECOMMENDATION: That staff in Development Services identify the best location for a Heritage Conservation District within an existing historic neighbourhood, obtain a quote for undertaking the required studies for the establishment of same, and present said quote to Council with a request for funding.

📜📋 Status of Municipal Heritage Register

🏗🚧 Development Applications Under Review

📈📉 Committee Budget Update

💼📋 Draft Work Plan for Next Term of Committee



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