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Infrastructure and Community Investment Committee – Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 4:30pm

Updated: Jan 6

Presentations on the Transit & Parking Strategy, Corporate Facilities, and the Allandale and Downtown Transit Mobility Hub. Yard Naturalization and a Lake Simcoe Restoration Fund.

Meeting Location: Council Chambers

🧑‍🏫📑 Presentations

🚍🅿️ Transit and Parking Strategy 101

🏢🔋 Corporate Facilities 101

🚏🚍 Allandale and Downtown Transit Mobility Hub

📝📑 Reports of Advisory Committees

🎨🎭 Arts Advisory Committee

👟♻️ Active Transportation and Sustainability Committee

Promoting Biodiversity – Yard Naturalization

  • Sponsors: Aylwin, Kungl

  • Direct Access Barrie, in consultation with the Enforcement Services Branch, to investigate the creation of yard signage and online educational materials to promote and designate natural gardens and boulevard gardens and report back to General Committee.

  • Direct the Enforcement Services Branch to investigate an amendment to the Yard Maintenance Bylaw to allow for residents to participate in No Mow May, and Access Barrie to investigate the creation of signage and communication tools to clearly communicate the benefits of No Mow May and report back to General Committee

🌼🌸 Communities In Bloom

💡🗣️ Items for Discussion

🐟⛵️ Lake Simcoe

  • Sponsors: Riepma, Hamilton

  • Support Federal funding for a Lake Simcoe Restoration Fund that represents a significant percentage of the overall Freshwater Action Plan Fund, with funding in excess of previous commitments, beginning in the 2022 budget

  • Use this funding to undertake:

    • shoreline mitigation, stream restoration and stormwater quality management (including in the tributaries of Sophia Creek, Kidd's Creek, Bunkers Creek, Dyments Creek, Hotchkiss Creek, Whiskey Creek, Lovers Creek, and Hewitts Creek)

    • projects to ameliorate contaminated sites in the watersheds

    • upgrades to help retrofit municipal infrastructure such as wastewater treatment and stormwater management facilities to decrease total current discharges from existing facilities

    • plant 250,000 trees in the watershed, purchase and conserve more forests and wetlands under the auspices of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (working towards the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan goal of 40% of the watershed area being protected natural land)



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