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Petition: Say NO to developing a multi-use Sportsfield & Parade Ground at South Shore / Allandale Park

An artificial sports turf has somehow become attached to the expected Sea Cadets Relocation item in this week's General Committee meeting - from the staff report, construction of this sports field would destroy much of the preserved naturalized area of the south shore.

Details at-a-glance


We are a group of concerned individuals who enjoy Allandale Station Park in Barrie, ON, Canada. The tranquility and natural beauty of this area have become an integral part of our daily lives. The waterfront and lakeshore provide sanctuary to numerous animals and bird species, creating a vibrant ecosystem that is cherished by everyone who uses it.

However, the city of Barrie has plans to build a multipurpose sportsfield  and parade grounds at this park. This development threatens the habitat of our local wildlife and disrupts the peace enjoyed by residents who appreciate the quietness of woodland nature at night.

In addition to disrupting local ecosystems, such developments often lead to increased traffic congestion and noise pollution in surrounding residential areas (Source: Environmental Impact Studies on Urban Development).

We must protect Allandale Station Park from becoming another casualty in our rush towards urban development. We urge city officials to reconsider their plans for construction in this area. Find another location!  Save our waterfront trees and habitat!


Please sign this petition if you believe in preserving our natural habitats for future generations.

Join our Facebook group and keep the conversation going.

NOTE: We are a group of unpaid residents, doing this work out of passion for this cause and on our own time.

Share this petition in person or use the QR code for your own material.


EBO is supporting this issue in keeping with our values of accountability, collaboration, democracy, empowerment and transparency, as well as our key focal points of environmentalism and the climate emergency, democratizing decision-making in local government, and healthy urbanism


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