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Planning Committee – Wednesday, December 7, 6pm

Updated: Jan 11

Please note the earlier-than-usual start time! This is being tucked in before General Committee. No Public Meetings, just staff reports regarding properties in Wards 2, 4 & 10, as well as a report about the impacts and potential implementation measures required as a result of Bill 109 and Bill 23 (Spoiler Alert: the City could potentially lose a lot of money)

Engage Follow-up: coming soon!


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📑🗂 Staff Reports

🏘🏬 Zoning Bylaw Amendment – 969, 979 & 989 Mapleview Drive East (Sandy Creek Estates) (Ward 10)

  • HELD by Hamilton

  • Staff Report:

  • Recommending approval of the application to rezone from 'Agricultural General' (AG), 'Rural Residential' (RR) and 'Environmental Protection' (EP) zones to 'Neighbourhood Mixed Use with Special Provisions' (NMH SP-XXX), 'Residential Neighbourhood' (R5), and 'Environmental Protection' (EP)

  • Special Provisions for NMH zone:

  • private roads and a storm pond are permitted

  • where a lot has multiple frontages, "lot line, front" shall be the shortest private road frontage, and vehicle access shall only be permitted from a private road

  • other than the lands fronting on Mapleview Drive East, the provision that requires front yards to be fully paved and seamlessly connected with an abutting sidewalk shall not apply

  • units fronting on Mapleview Drive East shall include paving and/or a hard landscape treatment to accent and connect the ground floor commercial uses with each other and the municipal sidewalk

  • remove the provision that permits minimum front yard setback of 0m and maximum of 50% of the frontage to have buildings within 5m of the front lot line

  • units fronting on Mapleview Drive East shall have 2-5m front yard setback, and minimum setback to any daylighting triangle will be minimum of 1m

  • balconies permitted to be setback a minimum of 1m from any private road

  • subject lands to be considered as one lot for purposes of zoning, and parking spaces may be provided on separate lots within the same subject zoning parcel

  • Hamilton had questions for staff re: affordable housing targets, participation of School Boards in planning, and how densities are managed.

  • Motion CARRIED unanimously

📜💸 Implementation of Bill 109, More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022

  • HELD by Riepma

  • Staff Report:

  • Report is about the impacts and potential implementation measures required as a result of this provincial bill.

  • "While the City is supportive of the intended goals of the legislation, there may be unintended consequences with implementation of the Bill particularly related to financial risk, limited public consultation, and increased litigation."

  • Potential revenue loss of $906,368.04 in planning revenue for 2023

  • Recommendations:

  • repeal and replace the Site Plan Control By-law and any related Council policies to reflect the changes in legislation

  • amend Pre-Consultation By-law to reflect the required changes to the pre-consultation, pre-submission, and complete application review process

  • undertake a comprehensive fee review for Planning and Development application approvals in 2023, with the intent of supporting full cost recovery

  • Development Services to work with the Clerk to ensure the frequency of Planning Committee and Council meetings in 2023 will facilitate the consideration of planning applications on a regular and "as-needed" basis

  • undertake any necessary amendments to the City's new Official Plan, including any required public planning meetings

  • authorize the CAO to retain a strategic advisory firm at ~$90,000 through non-standard procurement, to assist City in communicating with the Province (funded from the Reinvestment Reserve)

  • Riepma asked about an email that had been circulated regarding the approval of our new Official Plan. Michelle Banfield confirmed the application has been re-opened by the Province for commenting until January 4, to allow additional opportunities for engagement.