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Ranked Ballots - how do they work?

In our current voting system, it's easy to feel like unless you voted for the winner your vote doesn't count, so why vote at all? 🤷

Ranked ballots help make sure the election results are more representative of the will of the majority of voters. That's why Engage Barrie supports switching to ranked ballots before Barrie's next municipal election in 2022.

How Does It Work?

  • Voters choose from multiple candidates, ranking them in order of preference.

  • On election day, all of the first choice votes are added up

Did someone win 50% or more of the votes?


  • The candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated.

  • If your preferred candidate is eliminated, your vote is transferred to your next choice.

  • The votes are counted again


  • They are declared the winner and the election is over!

This counting process is repeated until one candidate receives 50% or more of the votes.



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