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Photo of the outside of Barrie City Hall

local government 101 | resources

a primer on local politics | engagebarrie

Our amazing student volunteer Kyera Weldon

(who came to us via a partnership with the Global Perspectives program at Innisdale Secondary School)

has put together a series of videos for us that break down the various levels of government,

and how citizens can get involved with local politics.

We are so grateful to Kyera for her hard work, thorough research and ability to make this information easy to understand.

Thanks also to Councillors Nixon, Kungl and Courser for taking the time to assist with this project,

and to Kyera's teacher, Matt Torlée, for his guidance.

1.  Introduction to Politics and Levels of Government: Federal & Provincial:


2.  Levels of Government: Municipal

2-Levels of Government

3.  Municipal Government: Significant People [details on council and head of council]:


4.  Municipal Government: Structure of Government

4-Structure of Municipal

5.  Ways that Local Citizens can Participate in Local Politics

5-Ways to Particpate

6.  Interview with Local Citizen + Ways Younger Citizens can Participate in Local Politics + Outro


What topics would you like us to cover next?  Contact us with your ideas.

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