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This Municipal Election will be conducted electronically!

After a successful pilot project during the Ward 3 By-election, this election will be conducted by an internet and telephone voting system.  (But don't worry, in-person is also available for those who'd like a little extra assistance!)

Voter Eligibility


In order to vote, all four of the following criteria must apply on the day of the election:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older

  • You must be a Canadian citizen

  • You must be either a resident of Barrie, or a property owner or tenant within Barrie, or be the spouse of an owner or tenant in Barrie

  • You must be on the Voters' List

You may only cast one vote in Barrie, no matter how many voting days there are or how many properties you own or rent.

Non-resident voters are only eligible to vote for Mayor and Ward Councillor (not School Board Trustee)

What ID is required to register?

  • Electors must provide an original, or a certified or notarial copy of a document listed at the City's Voter Identification - 2022, and shows the person's name and qualifying address

Voters' List

Am I on the Voters' List?

How do I register for the Voters' List?

  • You can also use City's Voter Lookup and Registration Portal to register, if you aren't already on the list

  • If you don't wish to register online, there are three other possible methods:

    • email

    • Call the Be Counted phone line at 705-728-VOTE (8683)

    • Visit the Election Information Desk in the Legislative and Court Services Department at City Hall, 1st Floor (don't forget your ID!)

Voter Eligibility
Check Voters' List
Register to vote

How do I vote?


  • Electors who are on the voters' list will be sent a voter information card by regular mail, starting the first week of October.

  • The voter information cards will contain a personal information number (PIN) specific to the elector, with information on the voting process and casting your ballot for Barrie's 2022 Municipal Election.

  • Votes may be cast by internet or telephone, or in person at one of the Voting Assistance Centres (see below)

How to vote

Voting Days

Friday, October 14 - Monday, October 24

  • The voting period opens at 10am on Friday, October 14, and closes at 8pm on Monday, October 24

  • Internet and telephone voting may take place any time during this period

Thursday, October 20, 10am-8pm

  • Advance Voting is available at your ward's Voting Assistance Centre

Friday, October 21, 10am-8pm

  • Advance Voting is available at your ward's Voting Assistance Centre

Saturday, October 22, 9am-5pm

  • Advance Voting is available at your ward's Voting Assistance Centre

Monday, October 24, 10am-8pm

  • Final Voting Day!

  • All votes must be submitted by 8pm, either electronically or at your ward's Voting Assistance Centre

Voting Assistance Centres


You may vote from the comfort of your own home, but if you'd like some assistance, the City offers Voting Assistance Centres in each ward, where electors may go in-person for assistance with the voting process and to cast their ballot.

Ward 1 – Parkview Centre for Seniors

189 Blake Street

Ward 2 – City Hall

70 Collier Street

Ward 3 – East Bayfield Community Centre

80 Livingstone Street East

Ward 4 – Dorian Parker Community Centre

227 Sunnidale Road

Ward 5 – Lampman Lane Community Centre

59 Lampman Lane

Ward 6 – Covenant Christian Reformed Church

101 Ardagh Road

Ward 7 – Peggy Hill Team Community Centre

171 Mapleton Avenue

Ward 8 – Allandale Recreation Centre

190 Bayview Avenue

Ward 9 – Painswick Branch, Barrie Public Library

48 Dean Avenue

Ward 10 – Surface Water Treatment Plant

20 Royal Parkside Drive

Voting Days
Voting Locations

What info is missing here that you'd like to see?  Please contact us with suggestions and ideas.

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