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2022 Provincial Election Results for Barrie

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

A disappointing voter turnout this time around – we will be writing more about the root causes of this later. We'll also be writing about what those representing our ridings need to keep in mind, in light of their not-so-strong public support, as well as ways to raise awareness and resist voter disenfranchisement in the future.

Don't forget, Election Day is not the only day you can make a difference in provincial politics – whether "your" candidate won or lost, there are many ways to continue to be engaged with local politics, and help build and maintain a robust democracy!


Elected: Andrea Khanjin (PC)

Voter Turnout: 39.26%

Percentage of Votes: 50.25%

Percentage of Electorate Support: 19.73%


Elected: Doug Downey (PC)

Voter Turnout: 44.61%

Percentage of Votes Received: 42.45%

Percentage of Electorate Support: 18.94%

[Source: Elections Ontario, June 3, 2022]

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