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Affordability Committee – Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 5pm

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Public Meeting for a development in Ward 7, and a presentation on Barrie's new Zoning Bylaw

Engage Summary: coming soon!

Meeting Location: Council Chambers

The meeting started about 20 minutes late.

CHAIR: Nixon

ABSENT: Mayor Nuttall

PRESENT: Thomson, Harris

Guest Councillors: Riepma, Courser, Nigussie, Harvey, Morales, Hamilton

The Agenda was switched around, moving the Public Meeting to the end, so it could start at 6pm.

🗣️🏙️ Public Meetings

  • The Public Meetings are now being held in person OR by electronic participation.

  • If you wish to provide oral comments electronically, please register in advance by emailing: or calling 705-739-4220 x5500 during regular office hours prior to 12pm on the day of the meeting

  • Once you register, you will be provided information from the Legislative Services Branch on how to make your submission at the Virtual Public Meeting. To participate in the Virtual Planning Meeting virtually, you will need access to a computer with internet service or a telephone.

  • If you decide to speak after the meeting has started, you need to email or call 705-797-5353.

229 McKay Road West (Ward 7)

  • Public Meeting Notice:

  • Presentation:

  • Staff Memo:

  • Application for a Zoning Bylaw Amendment

  • Proposal to allow for double car garages that exceed the maximum width permitted for the laneway townhouse dwelling units

  • Application submitted by KLM Planning Partners Inc. on behalf of Watersand Construction, Inc.

  • The Zoning Bylaw Amendment requested would maintain the property's Neighbourhood Residential (R5) Zone, with proposed special provisions:

    • reduce size of parking spaces from 2.7m x 5.5m to 2.5m x 5.5m

    • to not apply R5's Accessory Buildings and Structures Section 5.3.5 h) to detached garages on laneway townhouse dwellings – current zoning does not allow accessory buildings and structures to collectively exceed 10% lot coverage

    • to not apply maximum width of a private garage door regulations to laneway townhouse dwellings – current zoning does not allow the private garage to exceed 60% of the lot width

    • to increase the maximum width of a private garage door for a lot less than 7m from 2.7m to 4.9m

    • to increase the maximum width of a private garage door for a lot 7m-10m from 3.7m to 4.9m

    • to decrease the minimum front yard setback from 3m to 1.5m

    • to decrease the setback of detached garages from 2m to 0.6m from the street line

  • There were no comments from the public (not unusual, since there aren't many neighbours to this development).

  • Harvey (Ward Councillor) asked about impact on snow removal, and whether streets could be named after veterans

🧑‍🏫📑 Presentations

🏘️🏢 Barrie's New Zoning Bylaw

↪️📥 Referred Items

🚴🛣️ Review of Right of Way Design Standards for Salem and Hewitt Areas

  • Deferred from Affordability Committee, September 27

  • Memorandum: from M. Munshaw, Supervisor of Engineering Standards

  • a review of right of way design standards for the Salem and Hewitt areas

    • on collector streets, cycle tracks are the standard and will be implemented for new developments where engineering submissions have not been made – on street buffered bike lanes will be accepted where engineering submissions have been received

    • on arterial streets, off-street facilities are preferred and corridor-specific solutions would be assessed and identified through the Municipal Class EA process

  • CARRIED, by all in attendance

📝📑 Advisory Committee Reports

📃🏰 Heritage Barrie

🏰📜 Municipal Heritage Register – 194 Collier Street

  • Recommendation: To add 194 Collier Street to the Municipal Heritage Register as a listed property

  • CARRIED, by all in attendance

📑🗂 Staff Reports

  • Nil



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