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CBC Ontario Morning - opioid crisis unfolds in Simcoe while demands for services grow in Barrie

Sarah Tilley, Harm Reduction Coordinator with the Gilbert Centre (and EBO member) speaks with host Ramraajh Sharvendiran

The radio interview

Aired July 27, 2023 – Ontario Morning, CBC Radio:

Recent deaths from suspected opioid toxicity in Simcoe County now have local harm reduction workers on high alert. Harm Reduction Coordinator with the Gilbert Centre, Sarah Tilley, spoke about the most recent deaths and what's being done to stop the alarming trend.

The urgency

This morning, Barrie Police Services attended two drug-related calls for service where one person was found deceased. Police are warning those that use fentanyl to ensure that they use precautionary measures at all times.

There have been far too many preventable deaths in the City of Barrie since the SMDHU-CMHA application for a Consumption and Treatment Services site was submitted in 2021. Health Canada has approved the application, but they are still awaiting approval from the Ontario Ministry of Health. Learn more at, and contact the following elected officials to tell them we need approval now, before any more preventable deaths occur:

MPP Doug Downey, Barrie-Simcoe-Oro Medonte

Ontario Minister of Health, Sylvia Jones



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