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Circulation List for April 10, 2024

preparations for the new Waste Collection Services starting this spring, time to register for Spring Into Clean, and have your say on transportation improvements for Bayfield Street

📑📊 Staff Memos

🗑️♻️ Waste Collection Services

🤐🏷️ Confidential Disposition of Land Matters - City Properties

  • Memorandum from A. Mills, Manager of Legal Services

👥📃 Committee Agendas

💰🤷 Affordability Committee

✍️📨 Correspondence

🌸🧹 Spring Into Clean

🚚🚍 Commercial Trucking and Driver Job Fair

🛣️🚧 Bayfield Street Transportation Improvements

📑🌱 Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority

⏳➕ Late Additions

  • Nil

A colourful pile of documents, envelopes and letters.



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