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Circulation List for January 11, 2023

Updated: Jan 5

Not a large list this week, as we get back from the holidays.

Staff Memo

🤐🗑 Waste Management Contract

  • Confidential staff memo from S. Brunet, Associate Director, Business Performance and Environmental Sustainability regarding Waste Management Contract.


💰📊 Last Call for Budget Allocator Tool


🖼🗄 Utility Cabinet Wraps

🧑‍🌾🥗 Barrie Farmers' Market

  • Correspondence from J.Grant, Marketing and Operations Manager, Barrie Farmer's Market:

  • The BFM is grateful for the partnership with the City

  • BFM prefers the City Hall location over a new location at the current Transit Terminal

  • The market is constrained in the winter months, and would like to work with staff to make a plan for expansion to present to Council in near future

  • BFM would appreciate support & funding for mobile markets again this summer, as 2022 was a big success, providing additional opportunities for artisans and musicians, and expanding tourism

  • A permanent market would be direct competition to BFM and not complementary for future planning purposes

A colourful pile of documents, envelopes and letters.



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