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City Council, Monday, May 16, 2022, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

Recognition of the Maple Ridge Secondary School Junior Girls Basketball Team, plus a presentation from the MacLaren Art Centre. It looks like another long night, BUT most of the items were already approved on consent, so not likely to bring on much debate. There is one direct motion to authorize a contract to receive funding from the Tourism Relief Fund.

ON LEAVE: Lehman

📜📜 Confirmation of the Minutes

🏆🌟 Awards and Recognition

🏀⛹️‍♀️ Recognition of the Maple Ridge Secondary School Junior Girls Basketball Team

  • Winners of the 2022 Simcoe County Athletic Association (SCAA) and Georgian Bay Secondary School Association (GBSSA) Basketball Championships

📝🏘 Planning Committee Report

Section A

🗣🏘 Public Meeting – 680 Lockhart Road (Phase 2) (Ward 9)

🗣🏢 Public Meeting – 338 Mapleview Drive East (Ward 9)

Section B

🏘🏘 Zoning Bylaw Amendment – 953 Mapleview Drive East (Ward 10)

  • Amend Zoning Bylaw to rezone from Agriculture General (AG) to Neighbourhood Residential (R5), Neighbourhood Multiple Residential (RM3), Neighbourhood Multiple Residential with Special Provisions (RM3 SP-XXX), Neighbourhood Mixed Use (NMU) and Environmental Protection (EP)

  • Special Provisions for Neighbourhood Multiple Residential with Special Provisions will permit a dedicated drainage, servicing and vehicular/pedestrian access block (block 202) to provide the adjacent proposed mixed use development at 947 Mapleview Drive East with access to Street C

  • To allow for the development of a residential subdivision with a total of 470 residential units:

  • 182 single detached units

  • 61 street townhouse units (blocks 183-190)

  • 2 medium density residential blocks (blocks 191 & 192)

  • 1 medium density / neighbourhood mixed use block (block 193)

  • 4 future lots & blocks (blocks 194-196)

  • 1 open space / pedestrian connection block (block 197)

  • 3 environmental protection blocks (block 198-200)

  • 1 stormwater management drainage & pedestrian access block (block 201)

  • 1 stormwater management drainage & access block (block 202)

  • 1 stormwater management block (block 203)

  • widening & reserve blocks (blocks 204-210)

  • 6 municipal streets (streets A to F)

📝📄 General Committee Report

Section A (Received Reports)

📝💰 Finance and Corporate Services Committee Report

📝🌇 City Building Committee Report

Section B (Items Approved on Consent)

💰📑 2021 Investment Management Annual Report

📊📒 2022 First Quarter Internal Audit Status Report

✍️📜 Amendment to the Seniors Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

  • Replace the mandate with:

    • "To advise City Council and staff on all matters relating to seniors, which impact municipal matters for the City of Barrie."

  • Replace the objectives with:

    • "To provide advice and recommendations to City Council concerning opportunities to make Barrie a more senior friendly community focused on services, roles, and responsibilities within the City of Barrie related to housing, transportation, communications, and civic participation;

    • To actively seek input from seniors in the community;

    • To review the Age-Friendly Plan related to seniors’ issues and make recommendations; · To annually develop a workplan, inclusive of a City of Barrie supported Town Hall; and

    • To annually report on accomplishments."

🦉🦆 Nature Barrie - Bird Friendly Designation

  • Support Nature Barrie's efforts to apply to Nature Canada on the City's behalf to become certified as a Bird Friendly City

  • Once certified, staff to explore partnership opportunities with Nature Barrie to communicate and celebrate the City's new status

📑🏰 Municipal Heritage Register

  • Add the following to the Municipal Heritage Register as listed properties:

  • 101 Cumberland Street

  • 11 Rodney Street

🚧🏛 Amend Application to Alter Designated Heritage Building – Armoury Building, 36 Mulcaster

  • Consent to a roof replacement with Enviroshake or Enviroshingle

🏢🏖 Sandbox Centre

  • Receive the report back on operations and impact of the Sandbox Centre

  • Approve the 2-year lease extension through September 20, 2025, under the same general terms and conditions

  • Grant a further 3-year lease extension (to September 18, 2028) with potential for a further 5-year period, under the same general terms and conditions, except:

    • Sandbox will be responsible for payment of their apportioned maintenance, utilities & property taxes on their space on an escalating scale:

    • 2026 – Sandbox will remit 33% of their apportioned amounts based on the calendar year beginning Jan.1, 2026

    • 2027 - Sandbox will remit 66% of their apportioned amounts

    • 2028 and upon any renewals of the lease – 100% of apportioned amounts

  • City will continue its annual partnership commitment of $35,000 per year through 2028

  • Sandbox will continue to provide annual reports addressing value and impact to City

  • Prior to the 5-year renewal being considered in 2028, Economic and Creative Development will present a report addressing Sandbox Centre's performance related to delivering value to the business, entrepreneurial and broader community, and overall contribution to achieving the City's goals related to developing a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem

🚔🏢 Retention of 29 and 35 Sperling Drive

📈💵 202 Annual Procurement Activity Report

💸📈 2022 Tax Rates

💸🏬 2022 Downtown Barrie Business Association Levy

✉️🖼 Invitation to Present: MacLaren Art Centre

  • Invite the MacLaren Art Centre to present to Council on May 16, with an overview of the services provided by the organization

Section C

🚍🚉 Allandale Transit Mobility Hub and Downtown Mini Hub

  • Proceed with these projects

  • Consolidate the two projects and re-name to the Allandale and Downtown Transit Mobility Hubs, with total approved budget of $10,227,150, with $4.7M allocated to the pre-construction phase of the project

  • Once approval is received, execute a Transfer Payment Agreement with the Ministry of Transportation related to the public transit stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), and address the increases in estimated total project cost by using the remaining dollars previously assigned to Barrie for transit-related capital

🏒⛹️‍♀️ FedDev Funding for Sport Tourism Strategy

  • Approved unanimously

  • Direct Motion by Harvey / Thomson

  • Authorize Deputy Mayor and City Clerk to execute an agreement with the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev) for receiving $110,000 funding through the Tourism Relief Fund to complete a Sport Tourism Strategy.

🎨🖼 MacLaren Art Centre

📜📜 Bylaws

  • Approved unanimously

Bill 042 – Delegation of Authority for Removal of Holding Symbol

Bill 043 – 2022 Tax Ratios and Capping Policies

Bill 044 – 2022 Tax Rates

Bill 045 – 2022 Downtown Barrie BIA Levy

Bill 046 – Zoning Bylaw Amendment, 189 Summerset Drive (Ward 6)

Bill 047 – Official Plan Amendment, 521 Huronia Road (Ward 9)

Bill 048 – Zoning Bylaw Amendment, 521 Huronia Road (Ward 9)

Bill 049 – Part Lot Control Exemption, 58-74 and 67-77 Copperhill Heights

Bill 050 – Confirmation Bylaw



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