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City Council – Monday, May 2, 7pm

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

While this appears like a lot of items to cover, most of them were passed on consent last week, so are not likely to take much time again. There will be a presentation about extreme wind risk reduction measures for new builds in Barrie, plus recognition of the "I Love Barrie" contest winners, and the Silver Medal-Winning Barrie Sharks. (Go Sharks!!!)


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ON LEAVE: Lehman

📜📜 Confirmation of the Minutes

🏆🌟 Awards and Recognition

❤️✍️ Recognition of the "I Love Barrie" contest winners

⚕️🧑‍⚕️ Recognition of Parkinson Disease Awareness Month

🏒🥅 Recognition of the U13AA Barrie Sharks Women's Hockey Team

  • Silver Medal Winners of the Ontario Women's Hockey Association (OWHA) Provincial Championship

💸📑 Tax Applications

📝📄 General Committee Report

Section B

🤫🧑‍⚖️ Confidential Labour Relations / Employee Negotiations Matter – 2022 CUPE Negotiations

  • Staff Report

  • To receive confidential motion re: discussion of a Staff Report regarding the confidential labour relations / employee negotiations matter

Section C

🤫🧑‍💼 Confidential personal information matter – Staff Position Review

  • To receive the confidential motion re: confidential personal information matter

📝🏘 Planning Committee Report

Section A

🏗🏘 Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment – 521 Huronia Road (Ward 9)

  • Staff Report:

  • Amend Official Plan to redesignate from General Industrial and Environmental Protection to Residential and Environmental Protection

  • Amend Zoning Bylaw to rezone from Agriculture and Environmental Protection to Residential Multiple Second Densitiy with Special Provisions, Hold (RM2 SP-XXX H-XXX) and Environmental Protection

  • Special Provisions for Residential Multiple Second Density with Special Provisions:

  • minimum residential parking standard 1.2 spaces per unit (1.5 is standard)

  • permit back-to-back townhouse units, to maximum of 50% of the total unit count

  • maximum density 47 units per hectare (currently max 40 u/ha)

  • minimum consolidated outdoor amenity area provided at 5 sq.m per unit, and 12 sq.m per unit in an unconsolidated form (12 sq.m consolidated is standard)

  • maximum building height of 12.5m (10m is standard)

  • minimum landscape area 32% (35% is standard)

  • Bring bylaw forward to Council to remove the Holding symbol on these lands when the alignment, design and access permissions are confirmed for municipal servicing infrastructure, and the road connection to Loon Ave. across the adjacent property

  • Owner/applicant is required to provide community benefits per Section 37 of Planning Act and Section 6.8 (Height and Density Bonusing) of the Official Plan

🏘🏢 Zoning Bylaw Amendment – 189 Summerset Drive (Ward 6)

  • Staff Report:

  • Amend Zoning Bylaw from Residential Multiple Second Density (RM2) to Residential Multiple Dwelling Second Density with Special Provisions (RM2 SP-XXX)

  • Special Provisions:

  • parking standard of 1.27 parking spaces per unit (1.5 required)

  • permitted uses to include 6-storey apartment building (max.4 storeys for walk-up permitted), and back-to-back townhouses to a maximum of 50% or 156 units (whichever is greater)

  • minimum rear yard setback of 2.8m (7m required)

  • maximum gross floor area of 116% (max 60% permitted)

  • maximum building height of 21m for the 6-storey apartment building (max. height for 4-storey walkup is 20m), and 13m for the back-to-back and block/stacked townhouse units (max is 10m)

  • maximum density of 70 units per hectare (40-53 permitted)

  • 12 sq.m per unit of consolidated amenity area in 2 separate locations (12 sq.m consolidated in one location required)

  • remove requirement for 3m continuous landscape buffer along the side and rear property lines

  • Owner/applicant is required to provide community benefits per Section 37 of Planning Act and Section 6.8 (Height and Density Bonusing) of the Official Plan

✍️🧑‍⚖️ Delegation of Approval Authority for the Removal of a Holding Symbol

Section B

🗣🏘 Public Meeting – 969, 979 & 989 Mapleview Drive East (Ward 10)

🗣🏢 Public Meeting – 947 Mapleview Drive East (Ward 10)