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City Council - Monday, November 8, 7pm

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Including a presentation on the 2022 Business Plan and Budget – let Budget Season begin! Also under consideration, noise bylaw enforcement (i.e., noisy cars), the Long Range Financial Plan and Financial Policy Framework, and the Private Tree Bylaw Review.

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📜📜 Confirmation of the Minutes

🗣🌳 Private Tree Bylaw Review

📝📄 General Committee Report

🤫🧑‍🏫 Confidential Education and Training Session – Social Media Training

  • That motion 21-G-244 contained within the confidential notes to the General Committee Report, concerning the receipt and discussion of a presentation concerning a confidential education and training session – Social Media Training – be received.

📝🏘 Planning Committee Report

🗣🏙 Public Meeting – 620 Lockhart Road (Ward 9)