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City Council – Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

Deputations on the denied requests for a temporary noise exemption at 37 Johnson St., and to permit an indoor gun range in Ward 8. Confirmation of the items approved (mostly on consent) last week.

📜📜 Confirmation of the Minutes

🏆🌟 Awards and Recognition

🔔🎄 2022 Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Campaign

  • Major Bruce Shirran of the Salvation Army, Barrie Bayside Mission addressed Council about the Christmas Kettle Campaign and the services provided by the Salvation Army and partners.

🗣📣 Deputations

💥👷 Request for Temporary Noise Exemption, 37 Johnson St. (Ward 1)

🎯🔫 Exemption Request to Permit an Indoor Gun Range (Ward 8)

  • Deputation by Roger Gray

📝📄 General Committee Report

Section A

  • adopted unanimously

🏘🪧 Municipal Street Naming – Mattamy Homes (McKay) Subdivision (Ward 7)

💥👷 Request for Temporary Noise Exemption, 37 Johnson St. (Ward 1)

🎯🔫 Exemption Request to Permit an Indoor Gun Range (Ward 8)

🧑‍⚖️📛 Deputy Mayor Position

Section B

  • received unanimously

⛈💰 Stormwater Climate Action Fund Presentation

Section C

🏘🪧 Municipal Street Naming – Mattamy Homes (Lockhart) Subdivision (Ward 9)

  • Staff Report:

  • Recommending to approve the street names already included on the Municipal Naming Registry

    • Ridgehill Drive

    • Belgrave Trail

    • Rosette Street

    • Garnet Avenue

    • Fleetwood Street

    • Vinewood Crescent

    • Ivory Road

    • Ravenview Crescent

  • Recommending to confirm the names already added to the Municipal Naming Registry

    • Greer Street

    • Fenchurch Manor

    • Lower Street

  • AMENDMENT by Morales/Harvey: to replace Ridgehill with Yorkshire Drive, Belgrave with McBride Trail, Rosette with Suzuki Street, Garnet with Gretzky Avenue, and Ravenview with Reddit Crescent

    • Amendment CARRIED, unanimously

  • MOTION, as amended, CARRIED, unanimously

Section D

  • adopted unanimously

👥👥 Council Interim Appointments to Committees and Boards

  • Staff Report:

  • Recommending passing a bylaw to confirm interim appointments of members of Council to the selected committees and boards as per Mayor Nuttall's recommendations:

    • Barrie Hydro Holdings – all members of Council

    • Barrie Police Services Board – Nuttall, Thomson

    • Barrie Public Library Board – Courser, Morales

    • County of Simcoe, Affordable Housing Advisory Committee – Kungl [amended to Nuttall]

    • County of Simcoe, Performance Management Committee (Archives and Museums) – Nuttall

    • County of Simcoe, Simcoe County Housing Corporation Board of Directors – Nuttall, Thomson

    • County of Simcoe, Human Services Committee – Nuttall, Riepma, Kungl [amended to Hamilton], Nigussie

    • Downtown Business Association (BIA) Board – Nixon

    • Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce – Thomson, Nuttall (ex-officio)

    • Lake Simcoe Regional Airport Corporation Board – Morales

    • Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority – Riepma, Hamilton

    • MacLaren Art Centre – Harris, Nixon

    • Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority – Harvey

    • Physician Recruitment Task Force – Harvey

    • Public Art Committee – Courser, Thomson

    • Royal Victoria Regional Health Care Foundation – Nuttall

    • Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit – Kungl, Nuttall

    • Sandbox – Morales

    • Tourism Barrie – Harvey

  • A more comprehensive report on Committees will be presented after the Council Strategic Planning Session scheduled for December 3

Section E

  • adopted unanimously

📜🙅 Memorandum re: Overview of Policy and Legislative Changes in Bill 23

Motion Without Notice – Bill 23, "More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022"

  • permission to introduce the motion given unanimously


  • MOVED by Riepma, Seconded by Nixon that:

WHEREAS Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022, significantly affects municipal finances, infrastructure planning and funding, climate change strategies, affordable housing initiatives and heritage programs and has potential unintended impacts on municipalities; and

WHEREAS the City of Barrie needs to increase the capacity of its Wastewater treatment plant at a cost of $250,000,000 and other growth related infrastructure; and

WHEREAS Bill 23 significantly reduces the development charges and parkland levies available to the City of Barrie for the construction of this infrastructure; and

WHEREAS as a result of the changes adopted in the legislation, the City of Barrie will experience a $90 million reduction in funds to invest in infrastructure for affordable and attainable housing in the next 5 years;


1. That the City of Barrie request the Government of Ontario to fund the expansion of the Waste Water Treatment Facility to aid Barrie in meeting the housing targets outlined by the Province of Ontario in Bill 23.

2. That a copy of this motion, be forwarded to the Honourable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, the Honourable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Provincial Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy, MPP Gord Downey, MPP Andrea Khanjin, Colin Best, President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), and Ontario’s Big City Mayors (OBCM).

  • AMENDMENT by Morales/Harris to remove paragraphs 3 & 4 from the "Whereas" section

    • Amendment CARRIES [FOR: Riepma, Nixon, Thomson, Nigussie, Harvey, Harris, Morales, Hamilton; AGAINST: Kungl, Courser]

  • MOTION, as amended, CARRIED unanimously

📜📜 Bylaws

Bill 105 - Deeming Bylaw: 685 and 695 Veteran's Drive

Bill 106 – Deeming Bylaw: 32 and 42 Norris Drive

Bill 107 – Part Lot Control Exemption: 62 to 72 Pumpkin Corner and 50 to 60 Hay Lane

Bill 108 – Part Lot Control Exemption: 74 to 82 Pumpkin Corner and 40 to 48 Hay Lane

Bill 109 – Part Lot Control Exemption: 23 to 33 Tobias Lane

Bill 110 – Part Lot Control Exemption: 13 to 21 Tobias Lane

Bill 111 – Part Lot Control Exemption: 1 to 9 Tobias Lane

Bill 112 – Part Lot Control Exemption: 2 to 14 Wheatfield Road

Bill 113 – Part Lot Control Exemption: 16 to 30 Wheatfield Road

Bill 114 – Appointment of Chief Building Official

Bill 115 – Pension Participation

Bill 116 – Appointment of Deputy Mayor

Bill 117 - Confirmation Bylaw



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