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Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for Housing Affordability

Updated: 2 days ago

Barrie is in the process of creating a revised Housing Community Improvement Plan, with a goal of ensuring 15-20% of all new housing is affordable, and inviting public feedback

The proposed Housing Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is intended to encourage rapid investment in new housing units by providing financial incentives and other programs to facilitate the development of housing supply, with an emphasis on affordable housing, across the city.

Key Project Information

City Website

Lead Contact

The lead contact is Shelby White, Senior Planner

Draft Documents for Review

These documents are open for public review and consultation - Development Services welcomes comments and feedback on the proposed Housing CIP programs

Housing Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

Map of CIP Boundary Area

Development Services Housing Bulletin

Housing CIP Scorecards

Key Dates

Public Meeting

General Committee Meeting

  • May 29, 7pm, Council Chambers

  • meeting details not yet available

Council Meeting

  • June 5, 7pm, Council Chambers

  • meeting details not yet available


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