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Council Follow-up, week of April 18, 2022

Updated: Jan 6

A quiet week, due to the Easter long weekend. A disappointing backslide from the BIA on the transparency front.

Downtown Barrie BIA

Minutes: not yet available

Watch Online: not made available

Agenda: not made available

Engage's Summary: not possible, since we were not given notice of the date change, nor are members allowed access to the video after the meeting is concluded

A very disappointing step away from transparency and accountability – this meeting was originally scheduled for April 26, and no notice of the change was given to membership. Considering that 1) no Agenda was posted on the website, either, and 2) the BIA voted down allowing member access to meeting videos last month, it appears all members will have to wait several months until they post the minutes to know what was discussed.

Arts Advisory Committee

Engage's Summary:

A presentation by Dawn McAlpine giving an update on the Performing Arts Centre.

Communities In Bloom



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