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Finance and Corporate Services Committee – Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 6pm

Updated: Jan 5

Two presentations – the first on the County of Simcoe Social and Community Services, and the second on the 2021 Investment Management Report. Recommendations to adopt the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration framework to the City's Investment Policy Statement, changing the Terms of Reference for the Seniors Advisory Committee, and the 2022 First Quarter Internal Audit Status Report.

ON LEAVE: Lehman

🏘🧒 County of Simcoe Social and Community Services

💰📊 2021 Investment Management Report

📝📑 Advisory Committee Reports

📝📈 Investment Board

💰📑 2021 Investment Management Annual Report

📝🇺🇳 International Relations Committee

📝🧓 Seniors Advisory Committee

✍️📜 Amendment to the Seniors Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

  • carried unanimously

  • Replace the mandate with:

    • "To advise City Council and staff on all matters relating to seniors, which impact municipal matters for the City of Barrie."

  • Replace the objectives with:

    • "To provide advice and recommendations to City Council concerning opportunities to make Barrie a more senior friendly community focused on services, roles, and responsibilities within the City of Barrie related to housing, transportation, communications, and civic participation;

    • To actively seek input from seniors in the community;

    • To review the Age-Friendly Plan related to seniors’ issues and make recommendations; · To annually develop a workplan, inclusive of a City of Barrie supported Town Hall; and

    • To annually report on accomplishments."

📝♿️ Accessibility Advisory Committee

📊📒 2022 First Quarter Internal Audit Status Report



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