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First Engage meeting of 2022! Jan.12, 5:30pm (virtual)

Updated: May 6, 2022

Come meet the new board, get updates from our partners and sub-committees, and start to plan for the upcoming Municipal election!

We've got our first Engage Barrie meeting of 2022 happening Wednesday evening at 5:30pm – virtually, of course! (We were hoping for in-person, but... maybe spring?)

The meeting link is – this is the first time that we'll be hosting a virtual meeting with more than 5 people, so please be patient! If you're having trouble getting in, email or text (Unfortunately, it doesn't look like our plan will allow us to record the meeting, so we're unable to post a video after the fact – minutes will be made available, though.)

The Agenda is at, if you want to take a peek and/or have it on hand. There's a LOT of stuff to update folks on, but we're also going to start to brainstorm this year's Municipal Election, and hopefully also get a chance to discuss some ideas our members have.

Please note, you do not have to be a registered member to attend this meeting, but we do expect everyone to stick to our values, founding principles, and anti-harassment policy (TL:DR – help create a safe space for all, don't be a jerk 😀)

If you have a chance to RSVP (, it'll help give us an estimate of numbers – but if you don't get a chance, come anyhow!

  • Report from the Board

  • Update re: Warming Centre

  • Update from Supervised Consumption Saves Lives – Barrie

  • Update from Re-Imagining Public Safety

  • Update from Just Recovery Simcoe

  • Update from Women For Local Politics

  • Municipal Election 2022 Brainstorming

  • Open Discussion, if time!

Looking forward to chatting with you all,

Alyssa, Paige, Kenzie & Myrna

(aka, the Board of Engage Barrie Organization)



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