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General Committee #2 - Monday, June 13, 7pm

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Overnight waterfront parking, speed cameras in school zones, and other traffic-related items. Entering into a Service Level Agreement with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. And yet another poorly-thought-out item of discussion, with our concerns included below.

A reminder that Council meetings have now moved to a hybrid format, so you may attend in person in the Council Chambers, or watch online.


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ABSENT: N.Harris

💰📊 Finance and Corporate Services Committee

🗳🧑‍🎓 Municipal Elections – Student Education

  • APPROVED on Consent

  • Ask Access Barrie and the Legislative and Court Services Department to work with Georgian College to encourage grater engagement of the student population in the municipal election (that's a motion we can stand behind!)

🏦📊 2021 Year End Audited Financial Statements

🚗🚙 Overnight Waterfront Parking and Traffic Bylaw Updates

🌇🌃 City Building Committee

🪧📜 Municipal Heritage Register – 2 & 4 Innisfil St.

  • APPROVED on Consent