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General Committee – Monday, April 25, 7pm

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

This meeting includes a recommendation from the Anti-Racism Task Force to look at ways of encouraging and recruiting a greater diversity of membership on City Committees – please encourage your Councillor to support this initiative! Also, wrapping up the 2021 budget, looking to the 2022 Tax Ratios and Capping Policies, and supporting Bill C-216.


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Circulation List:|&Search=

💰📊 Finance and Corporate Services Committee

🧕🏾👨🏽 Investigate City Procedures and Policies to Encourage Greater Diversity on City Committees

  • Direct the Legislative and Court Services Department, in consultation with the Anti-Racism Task Force, to revise the Discretionary Committee application procedures and policies to encourage and recruit a greater diversity of membership on City Committees and report back to General Committee

🏁🚦 Participation in the "It Starts With Me" Initiative

  • Direct Access Barrie, in consultation with the Anti-Racism Task Force and the County of Simcoe, investigate opportunities for the City of Barrie to participate in the “It Starts with Me” initiative and report back to General Committee.

🧓🧑‍⚕️ Nominating a Senior / Caregiver Of The Year

  • Refer to next Spirit Catcher Committee meeting: "That staff in the Legislative and Court Services, in consultation with the Seniors Advisory Committee, establish an award in recognition of seniors and be included as part of the Annual Spirit Catcher Award."

🌇🌃 City Building Committee

📑🏰 Municipal Heritage Register - 56 William Street

  • approved on Consent

  • Add 56 William Street to the Municipal Heritage Register as a listed property

📃🏰 Heritage Designation 125-127 Dunlop St. E.

  • approved on Consent

  • Receive the Heritage Evaluation Report, which demonstrates that 125-127 Dunlop St. E. is of heritage value or interest to the community

  • Proceed with the issuance of the notice of the intention to designate 125-127 Dunlop St. E

🚴🌃 Bike the Night

  • HELD by McCann