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General Committee – Monday, December 13, 2021, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

The final General Committee of 2021, featuring a grant application for the Skills Development Fund, expropriation of land along Bryne Drive, parking restrictions on Orok Lane and improving pedestrian safety on the hill at Rodney, Collingwood & Cook

💰✍️ Grant Application for Skills Development Fund supported by Georgian College

  • CARRIED on consent

  • Staff Report:

  • REVISED (paragraphs 13 & 48):

  • Economic and Creative Development Department to apply to the Skills Development Fund through the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, in partnership with Georgian College, to address skills development and labour shortages within the manufacturing sector

    • City to be the lead applicant

    • all costs incurred to administer the program be identified and supported as part of the application

    • Director of Economic and Creative Development Department given authority to make decisions pertaining to the program when reasonable or required, in consultation with applicable departments and General Manager of Infrastructure and Growth Management

  • If the application is successful, a Memorandum of Understanding be created between the City and Georgian College, outlining program deliverables and funding to each party

🌾🛣 Expropriation – Bryne Drive Transportation Improvements – Harvie Rd. to Caplan Ave. (Ward 7)

🚫🅿️ Investigation for No Parking Anytime – Orok Lane (Ward 1)

  • CARRIED on consent

  • Sponsor: Riepma

  • Have staff investigate the feasibility of implementing "No Parking Anytime" on one side of Orok Lane

🚶🏎 Investigation to Improve Pedestrian Safety and Reduce Traffic Speeds on the Hill at Rodney, Collingwood & Cook Streets

  • CARRIED on consent

  • Sponsor: Riepma

  • Have staff investigate ways to improve pedestrian safety and reduce traffic speeds on the hill at Rodney Street, Collingwood Street and Cook Street

Additions from Original Agenda:

🌪🏘 Invitation to Present – Institute For Catastrophic Reduction (ICLR)

  • CARRIED on consent

  • Sponsor: N.Harris

  • Invite the ICLR to provide a presentation to City Council concerning extreme wind risk reduction measures for new builds.

🤫🤝 Confidential Correspondence Re: Potential Disposition of Land Matter – YMCA Downtown Barrie

  • Refer to staff in the Legal Services Department and report back to General Committee on January 24




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