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General Committee – Monday, February 28, 7pm

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

It's going to be a busy night! This week's highlights: a raise for the next term's Councillors, approval of the Wastewater Asset Management Plan, and the Economic Recovery Programs for 2022 (patios! Open Air Dunlop!).


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💰🧑‍⚖️ Council Compensation Review Committee

📑💰 Report of the Council Compensation Review Committee

  • Held by Thomson

  • Report from February 11:

  • Please note that these are recommendations to come into effect November 15 – i.e., for the newly-elected Council, not the current one

  • Council Compensation:

  • Base salary for Mayor to be increased with a phased-in schedule – current is $122,580, raising to $142,008 by 2026

  • Base salary for Councillors to increase to $40,983

  • Additional compensation for Deputy Mayor to increase by $2,500/year

  • Continue to align base salary cost of living adjustment with the annual percentage provided to the Non-Union Employee Group.

  • Benefits & Pensions:

  • Provide Members of Council the option to be enrolled in the Non-Union Group Extended Health and Dental Benefits Plan

  • Life Insurance Policy for Members of Council set at two times their annual remuneration

  • Enrol Mayor and Members of Council in the OMERS Pension Program

  • Continue enrolment in Employee and Family Assistance Program for Members of Council

  • Expense Reimbursements:

  • Annual Car Allowance set at Councillors $2,400, Deputy Mayor $3,600, Mayor $6,600

  • Expense account allocations for Mayor and Councillors established on the basis of forecasted population

  • Members of Council will be reimbursed for successful completion of courses offered through the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (max. $1,600 per year per member)

  • Council Conference Budget maximum $25,000 annually

  • Submission of Council Member expenses for reimbursement will be in accordance with the Finance Department's year-end reporting deadlines

  • 2022 Municipal Election Candidate Package will include:

  • Time requirements and expectations associated with serving on Council

  • List of external and internal Boards and Committees that require Council member representation

  • Process for expressing interest in serving as Deputy Mayor

  • Concerns raised that OMERS pension for Councillors would be opt-in / opt-out, but as a group. Asked staff to get rationale for that qualification before next week's Council meeting

  • CARRIED (unamended) unanimously

🌇🌃 City Building Committee

🚽🏭 Wastewater Asset Management Plan

📑🏰 Municipal Heritage Register

  • Approved on Consent

  • Add 72 Burton Avenue to the Municipal Heritage Register as a listed property.

📜📑 Barrie Arts Advisory Committee Mandate / Strategic Priorities

  • Held by Thomson