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General Committee - Monday, October 18, 2021, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

Highlights of this meeting include approving the Water Asset Management Plan, and a renegotiation of the BIA's unpaid $2,347,613 commitments to the city for the Dunlop Streetscape and Meridian Place projects

🚰🏭 Presentation: Water Asset Management Plan

🚰🏭 Approval of Water Asset Management Plan

🏦🤝 Downtown Barrie Business Association (BIA) Financial Commitments

  • Staff Report:

  • Renegotiating the BIA's financial commitments associated with the Dunlop Streetscape ($300,000) and Meridian Place ($3,351,775) projects – of which $2,347,613 (over 70%) is still outstanding.

    • Current agreement is to pay the remaining funds over 10 years beginning in 2022, at 4.25% interest.

      • No payment has been made towards the Dunlop Streetscape commitment

      • $1,675,887 was supposed to have been paid by special BIA levy, and $1,675,888 by BIA fundraising

      • The special levy has not been used to pay down the BIA's debt, but $162,941 of additional fundraising commitments have been put towards this portion, bringing the outstanding levy amount owed to $1,512,946

      • The BIA has fundraised $1,838,829 – however, only $1,304,162 of that has been paid to the city, leaving $534,667 (which it appears are pledges that have not yet been collected)

    • Proposed plan is to pay the remaining funds over 20 years beginning in 2022, interest-free

      • All commitments related to the two project will be paid in full by 2022

      • Remaining Dunlop Streetscape commitment will be paid $15,000 annually

      • Remaining Meridian Place commitment will be paid $75,647 annually

      • Minimum annual payment will be included as a base budget commitment within its annual budget submission presented to the BIA members and City Council

      • BIA will continue coordinating the outstanding community fundraising contributions of $534,667 with any unfunded commitment being added to the BIA base budget submission in 2032 and repaid over 10 years interest-free, and shall be responsible for its fundraising activities, including the collection of any outstanding funds that have been promised.

🛣💰 Bryne Drive Transportation Improvements - Harvie Road to Caplan Ave. (Ward 7)

🏚📃 Residential Rental Licensing (Absentee Landlord) Pilot Project and Draft Bylaw (Ward 1)

🅿️🚫 Parking Restrictions on Blake Street (Ward 1)

  • Sponsor: Riepma

  • Ask staff to investigate adding "No Parking" to the south side of Blake St. between Collier & St. Vincent.

🅿️🚫 Parking Restrictions on Cuthbert Street (Ward 6)

  • Sponsor: N. Harris

  • Ask staff to investigate adding "No Parking" on Cuthbert St. between Ferndale Dr. S. & Porritt St.

🎭🎶 Performing Arts Centre Task Force - Funding for Expenditures

  • Sponsor: J. Harris

  • Provide the Performing Arts Centre Task Force with $5,000 from the Council Strategic Priorities Account for mileage and promotional expenses.



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