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General Committee – TUESDAY, April 23, 2024, 7pm

***Note the rescheduled day!***

Kempenfest, EV charging contractor, 2023 financial reports, 2024 tax rates, and administrative charges for speed cameras

Meeting Location: Council Chambers

🧑‍⚖️🫅 Student Mayor(s)

📜🫅  Comments by Outgoing Student Mayor

  • Gabriel Gagnon, St. Monica's Catholic School

🗣️🏙️ Public Meetings

  • Nil

🧑‍🏫📑 Presentations

  • Nil

⏸️⏯️ Deferred Business

  • Nil

📝📑 Reports of Reference, Advisory or Special Committees

💰🤷 Affordability Committee

📜⌛️ Ontario Heritage Act – Deadline Extension

  • Referred to the Heritage Barrie Committee for further discussion

🚪🤗 Doors Open 2024

  • The Heritage Barrie Committee supports the registration of the City of Barrie with Doors Open Ontario to participate in a 2024 Doors Open Barrie event, dates to be determined

📜📬 Correspondence to Municipal Heritage Register Listed Properties

  • Direct Development Services to send correspondence on behalf of the Heritage Barrie Committee to those listed property owners on the Municipal Heritage Register and include information concerning heritage designation

🚸🚨 Community Safety Committee

🚍🧓 Barrie Transit - Additional Free Transit Options for Seniors

  • Direct the Transit and Parking Strategy Department to investigate the cost of offering additional free transit options for seniors and the costs of discounts or free transit options for specialized transit riders, and report back to Council with information following the completion of the Provincial Fare Integration Program

🏛️🫂 Infrastructure and Community Investment Committee

🏬🏢 Bradford Street Corridor Study Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Wards 2 & 8)

  • Staff Report:

  • Received the Bradford Street Corridor Study Municipal Class Environmental Assessment

  • Approve the recommended design solution for corridor protection purposes, and direct Development Services to acquire appropriate land conveyances

  • Direct staff to use access management practices when assessing Planning Act approvals on the Bradford Street Corridor

  • Direct staff to conclude the Bradford Street Corridor Study Municipal Class Environmental Assessment and publish a Notice of Completion

  • Direct staff to complete a future Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Addendum prior to undertaking implementation (after 2031) to assess transportation and land use policies, and complete refinements to the recommended design solution to mitigate impacts based on future corridor constraints

  • Direct staff to complete an in-service safety review for the Tiffin Street and Bradford Street intersection to assess opportunities for interim safety improvements

📑🗂 Staff Reports

🏘️🌳 Zoning Bylaw Amendment - 500 Salem Road (Ward 7)

🎪🎡 Kempenfest

  • Report:

  • Continue the City's in-kind support for Kempenfest in 2024 at a service level consistent with previous years (direct staff support, site services, coordination, administrative support, parking passes, etc.), valued at approximately $22,000

  • Ask the Kempenfest Board to seek fundraising sponsorship to support their funding request of $15,000 in shuttle bus service and $10,000 for the Family Side Stage – if unsuccessful, up to $25,000 to be allocated from the Tourism Reserve to support these services

  • Up to $25,000 to be allocated from the Tourism Reserve to support Recreation and Culture Services and Economic and Creative Development Departments in collaboration with the Kempenfest Board and Tourism Barrie, to retain a consultant to support Kempenfest with assessing the overall economic impact of Kempenfest and a financial and governance review to determine opportunities for operational and financial sustainability

  • Direct Economic and Creative Development and Recreation and Culture Services to report back on the findings of the economic impact analysis and overall event review and provide recommendations on future support of Kempenfest

🔌🚗 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Management

  • Report:

  • Director of Corporate Facilities to issue a request for proposals and be authorized to enter into an agreement with the successful third-party turn-key service provider for the replacement and upgrade of the current downtown Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), with following parameters (subject to approval from Director of Legal Services and Director of Transit and Parking Strategy):

    • service provider would be responsible for provision and installation of replacement and/or upgrading of existing EVSE in the downtown with universal charging stations, at no cost to the City

    • service provider would be responsible for the decisions related to the number and location of EVSE in consultation with the City

    • service provider would be responsible for management of EVSE operations, including maintenance, client services, plus setting, collecting and overseeing fee and charging services

    • service provider would be responsible for maintenance and other operating costs associated with the equipment

    • service provider would be responsible for providing the City with data on the use of the EVSE

🏗️💰 2023 Year End Development Charge Reports and Treasurer's Statement

  • Report:

  • Receive:

    • Annual Treasurer's Development Charge Reserve Fund Statement

    • Municipal Development Charge Reserve Fund Statement

    • Listing of Section 13 Credits owing where a front-ending agreement existed prior to the first City bylaw under the Development Charges Act 1997

    • Listing of Section 38 Credits owing where a front-ending agreement exists subsequent to the first City bylaw under the Development Charges Act 1997

💰🌳 2023 Year End Cash In Lieu of Parkland Report and Treasurer's Statement

💰🫂 2023 Year End Community Benefits Charges Report and Treasurer's Statement

💸📊 2024 Tax Rates

🏎️💵 Administrative Penalty System

  • Report:

  • Implement and Administrative Penalty System for Automated Speed Enforcement matters and future municipal bylaw violations (e.g. parking tickets), and circulate the required bylaws under the the Municipal Act and Highway Traffic Act to Council prior to placing it on a Council Agenda

  • Authorize the City Clerk to hire two Screening Officers / Junior Prosecutors, funded by additional Automated Speed Enforcement program revenue, plus one officer per additional 40,000 violation issues in Barrie

  • Authorize Legislative & Court Services to issue an RFP to retain Hearing Officer Services, cost not to exceed $50,000, funded by additional Automated Speed Enforcement program revenue

  • Approve minor Capital Project 'Cedar Pointe AP Renovations' at $100,000 to renovate for Screening and Hearing Officers required, to be funded from Tax Capital Reserve, offset by a $100,000 transfer to that reserve from additional revenue in the operating budget

  • Direct Legislative and Court Services to provide an annual memo on the number of violations issued / processed and associated resources that have been retained

💡🗣️ Items of Discussion

  • Nil

📥🔄 Circulation List Referrals

  • Nil



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