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General Committee – Wednesday, January 11, 2023, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

Council is back from the holidays, for what should hopefully be a quick and controversy-less meeting.

ABSENT: Morales

Mayor Nuttall began by introducing Paul Evans as the new Chief Building Official for the City of Barrie

Reports of Committees

🚸🚨 Community Safety Committee

Staff Reports

🤐🤝 Confidential Potential Disposition of Property Rights, Mapleview & Bayview

  • HELD by Harvey

  • Confidential potential disposition of property rights and instructions to be applied to negotiations on behalf of the municipality – negotiation of potential land lease for local branch of national charity – portion of Mapleview Drive and Bayview Drive

  • as this was a confidential item, it was discussed by Council in camera after the public portion of the meeting

💰🏫 Grant Application for Skills Development Fund Round 3 Supported by Georgian College

  • APPROVED on consent

  • Staff Report (Economic and Creative Development Department):

  • Direct staff to apply to the Skills Development Fund (SDF) Round 3, through the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) for up to three years of funding, to address development and labour shortages within the manufacturing sector with Georgian College as the service delivery partner, with the following parameters:

    • City is the lead applicant

    • all costs incurred by the City to administer the program, including employee resources, be identified and supported as part of the application, and

    • Director of Economic and Creative Development is given authority to make decisions pertaining to the operation and execution of the program, in consultation with applicable departments and the General Manager of Infrastructure and Growth Management

  • If the application is successful, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be created between the City and Georgian College outlining program deliverables and financial approvals

  • Authorize the City Clerk to execute all required documents and facilitate the application and any associated funding approvals

🏢🤝 Lease of City Owned Property – 24 Maple Avenue (Ward 2)

  • APPROVED on consent

  • Staff Report (Corporate Facilities Department):

  • Authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute a commercial lease agreement for the former convenience store space at 24 Maple Street, with the following terms & conditions:

    • MVT Canadian Bus (the City's current transit operator) will lease the property as transit operator support space

    • approximately 500 square feet of vacant space

    • one-year term at rate of $26.50 per square foot, with optional annual renewal periods subject to 2% rate escalation

    • agreement to include a Right of Termination clause, to vacate the space upon completion of the Allandale Transit Hub

🎧🏗 Second Request for Temporary Noise Exemption at 37 Johnson Street, Barrie for Fram + Slokker (Ward 1)

  • HELD by Riepma

  • Staff Report (Legislative and Court Services):

  • Previous Request:

  • Recommending to deny this second request, and uphold the parameters of the Noise Bylaw

  • AMENDMENT by Riepma – to grant the temporary exemption to allow noise until 8pm one day per week, Monday through Thursday, expiring on June 20, subject to conditions:

    • notification must be given to all residents within 500m and to Enforcement Services

    • applicant requested to restrict noise to 5pm whenever possible

    • crane lights will be turned off at 8pm

    • other lighting will be pointed away from adjacent residences

    • the boulevard is only to be used for receiving, not for long-term storage

    • if they fail to comply with the above, the exemption will be revoked

  • Riepma explained that this was to help the construction be completed before summer, when residents would want to be enjoying their time outdoors, and felt it was a good compromise.

  • MOTION, as amended APPROVED unanimously

🤐👥 Confidential Personal Information Matter – Appointments to Various Boards and Committees of Council

  • HELD by Thomson

  • Confidential Staff Report from Legislative and Court Services

  • as this was a confidential item, it was discussed by Council in camera after the public portion of the meeting

🗓👥 Schedule of City Council and General Committee Meetings for 2023 to 2026

Item from Circulation List

📝🧑‍🌾 Correspondence from Barrie Farmers' Market

In Camera Results

🤝🏢 Negotiation of Potential Land Lease for Local Branch of National Charity – Mapleview & Bayview

  • Declaring surplus approximately 3 acres of City-owned property at Mapleview & Bayview, for the sole purpose of negotiating a land lease with YMCA Simcoe

  • Directing the CAO and Director of Legal Services to negotiate a potential land lease, based on general terms and conditions in the confidential staff report, and report back to General Committee.

👥👮 Appointment to the Barrie Police Services Board

  • Appointing Greg Ferguson to the Barrie Police Services Board

  • Councillor Harvey declared a conflict and did not vote

👥👥 Appointments to Various Boards and Committees of Council

  • Barrie Public Library Board: John Edwin Bicknell, George Hawtin, Merrisa Little, Austin Mitchell, Robin Munro, Michael Sauro and David (Hongxue) Zhao

  • Business Licensing Appeal Committee: William French, Catherine Kenwell, Stephen Kinsella, Camille Kosokowsky and Prabhat Batra

  • Committee of Adjustment: Andrea Butcher-Milne, Jay Dolan, Graydon Ebert, Carol Phillips, and Stephen Trotter

  • Heritage Barrie Advisory Committee: Cathy Colebatch, Debra Excel, Craig Froese, Camille Kosokowsky, Kayleigh MacKinnon, Sarah MacKinnon, Shelley Marchant, Pauline Stevenson, and Prabhat Batra

  • Property Standards Committee: Alex Goldstein, Stephen Kinsella, Camille Kosokowsky, Carol Phillips, Brendan Saxton



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