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General Committee – Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 4:30 pm

confidential meeting held in camera, to deal with one potential land disposition matter and one litigation matter

Watch Online: confidential meeting - no public viewing available

Meeting Location: Council Chambers

Meeting begins at 4:30pm or immediately following Finance and Responsible Governance Committee

🗣️🏙️ Public Meetings

  • Nil

🧑‍🏫📑 Presentations

  • Nil

⏸️⏯️ Deferred Business

  • Nil

📝📑 Reports of Reference, Advisory or Special Committees

  • Nil

📑🗂 Staff Reports

🤐🏷️ Confidential Potential Land Disposition Matter - Sadlon

🤐🧑‍⚖️ Confidential Litigation or Potential Litigation, Including Matters Before Administrative Tribunals, Affecting the Municipality or Local Board - Development Charges Appeal Mediation

📑🗂 Reports of Officers of the Corporation

  • Nil

💡🗣️ Items of Discussion

  • Nil

📥🔄 Circulation List Referrals

  • Nil



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