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General Committee – Wednesday, November 29, 2023, 7pm

Updated: Jan 6

revisiting the temporary use bylaw for 15 Harvie Road, applying to the CIHA for developing the Barrie Fairgrounds, and 2024 Budget deliberations

Meeting Location: Council Chambers

🗣️🏙️ Public Meetings

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🧑‍🏫📑 Presentations

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⏸️⏯️ Deferred Business

🌾🧑‍🌾 Extension to Temporary Use Bylaw - 15 Harvie Road (Ward 7)

  • Referred by City Council on September 20 (motion had been lost at General Committee on September 13

  • Staff Report:

  • LOST motion:  Approve the extension to allow agricultural activity on the property for 3 years, subject to special provisions

  • Special Provisions:

    • agricultural activities limited to field crops in an open field

    • 30m naturalized buffer required around Lover's Creek and Whiskey Creek

    • access to the site for farming purposes is restricted to the entrance at Harvie Road

    • best management practices must be applied re: use of fertilizer and pesticides

    • activities related to the Bryne Drive South Extension will take precedent over permission for agriculture use on the portion of the lands identified for the construction of the roadway

📝📑 Reports of Reference, Advisory or Special Committees

💰🤷 Affordability Committee

🏗️🏘️ Community Infrastructure and Housing Accelerator Order - 175 & 199 Essa Road and 50 Wood Street

💵🧑‍⚖️ Finance and Responsible Governance Committee

🧑‍⚖️📰 Legislative Ads in Barrie Today

  • Referred by General Committee, November 1

  • Motion to defer this to the Finance and Responsible Governance Committee in February

  • Memorandum: from C. Harris, Associate Director, Communications and Customer Service

  • Now that the Barrie Advance is no longer in print, The City is now using Barrie Today's digital platform to share This Week in Barrie (City-related news, events and activities), as well as all legislative ads on an interim basis. City staff will reevaluate options for This Week in Barrie in 2024.

🅿️🌳 Investigation - Design and Reconstruction of the Main Parking Lot in Painswick Park

  • Referred by General Committee, November 15

  • Motion to defer this to a future Finance and Responsible Governance Committee meeting

  • Direct Development Services to investigate the feasibility of designing and reconstructing the main parking lot in Painswick Park to a fully-accessible asphalt parking lot, and consider the project in the ten year capital budget for completion in 2024 subject to available funding

💰⚖️ 2024 Business Plan and Budget - City Operations and Infrastructure Investment Funding

💪💻 Operating Budget Approvals
  • Approve the tax-supported base operating budget for City operations and the Infrastructure Investment Fund -- with gross expenditures of $325.5M and a net property tax levy requirement of $191.9M -- with the following amendments:

    • Temporary position of Project Coordinator (CCI) extended to end of 2024 with budget of $94,828, recovered from CMMS Improvement Project - Cityworks, as described in the intake form in Appendix "F"

    • Budget reductions of $154,000 for the CAO and Mayor's Division (as outlined in Appendix "E") be included, with an equivalent decrease in the 2024 Tax Levy

    • Budget reductions of $407,742 for the Access Barrie Division (as outlined in Appendix 'E'), with the exception of $44,000 for reducing This Week In Barrie be included (equivalent decrease in 2024 Tax Levy)

    • Budget & Tax Levy reductions of $430,331 for the Infrastructure and Growth Management Division (as outlined in Appendix 'E')

    • Budget & Tax Levy reductions of $2,348,040 for the Community and Corporate Services Division (as outlined in Appendix 'E')

    • Allow Chief Financial Officer to adjust the budget reductions in Appendix 'E' as necessary to achieve a 0% tax rate increase on City Operations, excluding the Infrastructure Investment Funding and Service Partners

    • Defer the Carbon Management Software (New Investment and Service Recommendation Form 2864) to 2024, resulting in a reduction of $20,000

  • Transfer $150,000 from the Municipal Accommodation Tax Reserve to the Tax Capital Reserve for the 2023 & 2024 Budget years

🚰🚜 City Operations and Infrastructure Investment Funding
  • Approve the 2024 budget request for City Operations, with a net tax-supported municipal funding requirement of $191.9M (averaging 1.06% tax rate increase for City operations and 2% increase associated with Infrastructure Investment Funding)

  • Approve the New Investment and Service Recommendations as outlined on p.20 of the 2024 Business Plan with net cost of $1.6M (operating) and $228K (capital) with a net property tax levy requirement of $925K with additional funding of $237K from the water rate, $28K from the wastewater rate, $460K from capital projects, offset by $21K going to reserves

  • Approve the Water base Operating Budget (gross expenditures & revenues of $34M) and proposed 2024 Water Rates

  • Approve the Wastewater base Operating Budget (gross expenditures & revenues of $43.6M) and proposed 2024 Wastewater Rates

  • Approve the Parking Operations base budget (gross expenditures & revenues of $2.4M) and proposed 2024 Parking Rates

  • Exclude the following estimated expenses from the 2024 Business Plan:

    • Amortization expense - $65.5M

    • Post-employment benefit expenses - $1.8M

    • Solid Waste Landfill closure and post-closure expenses - $200K

🏢🛣️ Capital Budget Approvals
  • Approve the 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 and 2028 Capital Budget relating to new capital spending requests of $41M, $78.3M, $71,2M, $37.4M, and $24.9M, with the following amendments, and receive the 2024-28 Capital Budget items not requiring spending approval as forecast information:

    • Increase approved funding for IT 1056 - Fleet Management System by $115K, to be funded from the Fleet Management Reserve

    • Increase approved funding for EN1346- Brownfield Redevelopment Readiness (Contaminated Lands Management Framework) by $130K to be funded from the Canada Community Building Reserve (formerly Federal Gas Tax)

    • Reduce budget of EN1097 - Mapleview Drive East Improvements, by $120K [funded from DC Reserves ($96,061.18), Wastewater Capital Reserve ($14,226.90), Tax Capital Reserve ($5,859.45), Local Improvements Revenue ($3,799.34) and Water Capital Reserve ($53.12)] AND increase the budget of EN1467 - Lovers Creak Mapleview LSCRA Compensation by $120K [funded from DC Reserves ($54,000) and Tax Capital Reserve ($66,000)]

    • Add "Waterfront 1000 Tree Planting Program" to the 2024 Capital Plan with a budget request of $50K for 2024 and forecasts of $50K per year for next 9 years to be funded from the Ecological Offsetting Reserve

  • Any Industrial Development Charge Discounts in 2024 to be funded by any year-end surplus, with any remaining balance funded from the appropriate capital reserve

🧑‍⚖️‍💼 Bylaw Update and Forecasts Received for Information
  • Effective May 1, 2024, appeal Bylaw 2022-013 and replace with a bylaw incorporating the fees and charges presented in the 2024 Business Plan

  • Receive the operating forecast information for 2025-2027 for information

💼️✍️ Council and Staff Authorization Requests
  • Authorize the Executive Management Team (EMT) to add temporary non-comlement positions to the end of the budget year utilizing existing approved funds to deal with any unforeseen circumstances that impact delivery of City Operations

  • Authorize the EMT to implement the economic adjustment for the Non-Union Group of employees (including full time, part time and students), effective Jan.1, 2024

  • Authorize staff to submit applications for grants that would reduce expenditures associated with projects, programs and services approved as part of the Operating and Capital Budget

  • Authorize two of either the Mayor, Clerk, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer or their designates to execute any agreements required to accept grant funding from other levels of government or other partners, to reduce expenditures associated with programs, services, and/or capital projects

  • Authorize staff to submit applications for grants that would reduce future capital expenditures, fund service enhancements, or enable capital projects to be advanced, with a report or memo presented prior to the execution of any such agreement

  • Authorize the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer to make the necessary alterations to the transfer to and/or from reserves to reflect changes since the 2024 Business Plan's publication on November 15, 2023

  • Authorize the City Clerk to prepare all necessary bylaws to implement the above recommendations

📑🗂 Staff Reports

  • Nil

💡🗣️ Items of Discussion

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📥🔄 Circulation List Referrals

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