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Infrastructure and Community Investment Committee – Wednesday, March 6, 2024, 4:00pm

presentations on Public Art and the Sandbox Centre, developing a Disc Golf plan

Meeting Location: Council Chambers

🧑‍🏫📑 Presentations

🧑‍🎨🏞️ Public Art Portfolio

🧑‍💼🏢 Sandbox Centre

↪️📥 Referred Items

  • Nil

📝📑 Reports of Advisory Committees

🎭🎨 Arts Advisory Committee

Amendment to Terms of Reference and Funding for Poet Laureate Program

  • Presentation from December 5:

  • Amend the Terms of Reference for the current term of Poet Laureate, with annual reporting to Council via memorandum of program activities

    • Add that the Poet Laureate is to organize one event or project per year aimed at increasing awareness of and involvement in the literary arts

    • Add that the Poet Laureate is to write one new piece of work that can be used by the City to promote the program and the community, with rights given to the City to use as it sees fit

  • Increase the annual stipend to $2,500, with an additional $1,500 annually provided to fund a poetry-focused public event or community poetry project, and up to $250 provided for kilometre reimbursement for related travel

👟♻️ Active Transportation and Sustainability Committee

🌼🌸 Communities in Bloom Committee

📑🧑‍💻 Reports of Officers of the Corporation

🥏⛳️ Development of Disc Golf Plan

  • Memorandum: from K. Bradley, Manager of Parks Planning

  • Staff recommends that the City should not continue to undertake stand-alone studies on an individual sport-by-sport basis, but should consider advancing a Parks Strategic Plan that will provide community-driven, sustainable and city-wide direction for all aspects of the City's investment, service delivery and strategic initiatives guiding the future planning, design, acquisition, improvement, management, operations, programming and use of city parks, natural heritage lands, and open spaces

  • Staff recommends that the Parks Strategic Plan update should be advanced to 2025, instead of 2029, as the 2010 Plan is out-of-date

💡🗣️ Items for Discussion

🥏⛳️ Development of Disc Golf Plan



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