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More engagement on the proposed Waterfront Sports Field

Updated: May 16

Shared on behalf of Allandale Neighbourhood Association members, and friends of EBO, Linda & Arnie Ivsins.


Linda & Arnie Ivsins

The city of Barrie, without public consultation (other than with sports clubs) wants to build a $4.6 million synthetic multi-use sports field along Barrie's waterfront (between the Southshore Centre and Minet's Point).

This is NOT about the cadets parade ground- there is ample space for them west of the Southshore building between Lakeshore and the Upper Trail once they move across the bay & share space with Barrie Canoe/Kayak club.

This is NOT about the sports teams (soccer and lacrosse only ones interested) needing a space to play- they do, but not on the waterfront.

The multi-use field should be built elsewhere.

Please consider signing and sharing the petition below prior to council's vote on Wed. May 15. More info is also included below.


Linda & Arnie


Article about General Committee approval:

Letter to the Editor:



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