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October 29th Council / Workplace Harassment Update

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Permission was granted by Council to retain the services of Aird Berlis for the purposes of the above motion.

1. That Aird Berlis be retained to address matters identified in paragraph #4 of motion 20-G-174 concerning a workplace investigation;

2. That the costs associated with the legal advice be funded from the Council - Contracted Services Account, and the costs for the review be funded from the CAO - Contracted Services Account;

3. That the Mayor be delegated authority to execute the retainer agreements with Aird Berlis for their services;

4. Upon completion of the preparation of the legal advice and the review, Aird Berlis provide these documents directly to Council through the City Clerk.

There will be a (confidential, we presume) presentation to General Committee on November 9 at 5pm, regarding the workplace investigation.



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