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Planning Committee – Tuesday, November 29, 2022, 7:30pm

Updated: Jan 6

First Planning Committee meeting for the new Council! Public Meetings for proposed developments at 70 and 76 Edgehill Drive (Ward 4), and 164 Innisfil Street (Ward 2). A presentation on the new Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw. Plus a Zoning Bylaw Amendment for the Barrie Central site (Ward 2), and Site Plan Control for 10-24 Grove Street West (Ward 2).

The Public Meetings are now being held in person OR by electronic participation.

If you wish to provide oral comments electronically, please register in advance by emailing: or calling 705-739-4220 x5500 during regular office hours prior to Tuesday, November 13 at 7:30 p.m.

Once you register, you will be provided information from the Legislative Services Branch on how to make your submission at the Virtual Public Meeting with electronic participation. To participate in the Virtual Planning Meeting, you will need access to a computer with internet service or a telephone.

If you decide to speak after the meeting has started, you need to email or call 705-797-5353.

🗣👥 Public Meetings

🗣🏢 Public Meeting – 70 and 76 Edgehill Drive (Ward 4)

🗣🏬 Public Meeting – 164 Innisfil Street (Ward 2)

🧑‍🏫🗺 Presentation: New Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw

📑🗂 Staff Reports

🏙🏘 Zoning Bylaw Amendment – 34-50 Bradford St. / HIP Barrie Central (Ward 2)

  • approved on Consent

  • Staff Report:

  • Approve the rezoning from Central Area Commercial-2 with Special Provisions, Hold (C1-2,SP-589,H-147) to Central Area Commercial-2 with Special Provisions (C1-2,SP-XXX) and Central Area Commercial-2 with Special Provisions, Hold (C1-2,SP-XXX,H-XXX)

  • Site-specific standards:

    • reduced parking to 0.8 parking spaces per residential unit (1 required)

    • heights:

      • minimum height of 4.5m and maximum of 22m (5-6 storeys) within 5m of Bradford Street lot line (max 10m / 3-4 storeys permitted)

      • maximum height of 75m (25 storeys) in addition to Phase 1 tower heights at 86m (26 storeys) and 101m (30 storeys) beyond 5m of lot frontage and lot flankage (45m / 12-15 storeys permitted)

    • no landscape buffer (3m required)

    • min 338 sq.m / 30% more of building street frontage of ground floor commercial uses (50% of lot area is standard)

    • subject lands to be considered as one lot for purposes of zoning, regardless of future land division or condominium, and parking spaces may be provided on separate lots within the same zoning parcel

  • Hold removed from Phase 2 lands when the following has been submitted:

    • Master Site Plan demonstrating integration of Phase 2 lands with Phase 1 concept and proposed/approved development on adjacent lands owned by City, including:

      • vehicular access, traffic circulation, and alignment of private and/or municipal road connections

      • site design that provides multi-modal, pedestrian and accessible access to public streets/sidewalks, transit stops and open spaces

    • Traffic Impact Study and Parking Strategy demonstrating the proposed parking reduction meets the needs of residents

    • detailed Urban Design submission, including:

      • design attributes that justify increase in height of buildings from 45m

      • buildings of various built forms and height with good placement, orientation, massing and design to enhance transition to adjacent lower scale neighbourhood areas

      • mitigation of wind and shadow impacts on adjacent streets and open spaces

      • conditional approval of a site Plan control application

🏙🌃 Site Plan Control Requirements – 10-24 Grove Street West (Ward 2)



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