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Two FREE Workshops coming up for candidates!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

The Equal Voice Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to improving gender representation in Canadian politics. They work to advance education and provide leadership training for women to increase women’s participation at all levels of Canadian politics. By leading and supporting initiatives they equip women with the skills and tools they need to successfully run for office.

Pop-Up Online Campaign School: You, The Candidate

July 7, 7-9pm on Zoom

Pop-Up Online Campaign School: Building Your Team + Fundraising

July 21, 7-9pm on Zoom

  • This 2-hour pop-up will focus on Building Your Campaign Team + Fundraising. This course is designed for those who are already committed to putting their name on the ballot. Learn about the different roles, where to find them, and volunteer management. Hear about some of the different ways to fundraise!

  • For more information and to register, visit


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